Cheese Bauble

by Northern Life

A simple cheesy show stopper, ideal for Christmas Eve nibbles


100g Brie
100g Mature Cheddar
65g raspberries
25g physalis (or cherry tomatoes)
100g green seedless grapes
20g frosty cranberries
20g walnuts
30g red seedless grapes
25g salted almonds
10g kumquats.


Slice the Cheddar into diamond shapes and arrange them across the centre of the board. Next, take the almonds and arrange them in a W shape below, following the line of the cheese.
Add the raspberries above the cheddar.
Half the grapes and add the green above the raspberries and the red below the almonds.
Slice the brie into triangles and place above the green grapes.
Fill in the top and bottom of your board with walnuts, kumquats, physalis and frosty cranberries, and garnish with rosemary and edible gold leaf.

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NorthernLife Nov/Dec 23