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Five Top Tips For Organising a Booze-Free BBQ

by Northern Life

Booze-free BBQs are becoming all the rage these days...

It’s BBQ season. What a time to be alive. With the sun shining, a nice cool breeze and plenty of friends and family around you, there’s no better time to light up the barbie and be the perfect host.

BBQ events come in all shapes and sizes these days. While many of us are used to cracking open a beer and enjoying some wings, a hot dog or a burger, there is a rising number of people who are now alcohol-free, often a conscious effort in order to live a healthier lifestyle or frequently as a result of going through alcohol rehab, with more people suffering from addiction across the UK than ever before. In fact, many private alcohol rehab centres UK-wide have seen significant growth in numbers checking in post-pandemic. Enter the alcohol-free BBQ.

Booze-free BBQs are becoming all the rage these days, but they can catch you and others off guard if you aren’t careful. So, here are five top tips for organising the perfect alcohol-free BBQ so you can impress and wow your friends and family…

Create a Delicious and Diverse Drink Menu

Naturally, the first step is to understand what you’re going to replace alcohol with. You need to make sure people won’t feel like they’re missing out by not having beer or cocktails there, so create an enticing menu of drinks. That could be as simple as getting some non-alcoholic beers in, or you might want to create a snazzy mocktail menu.

You might even want to create a station in which guests can mix their own drinks…

Ultimately, you don’t want just cans of Coke and water available. Think a little more outside the box with the likes of iced teas, infused waters and homemade juices. You might even want to create a station in which guests can mix their own drinks and add a little more activity and enjoyment to the occasion.

Plan Engaging Activities

Giving guests something to do beyond chatting and socialising can also help steer the non-alcoholic ship in the right direction. By planning activities like garden Jenga, badminton, mini-golf, or the many other outdoor activities perfect for BBQs, you can keep them engaged and having fun and allow them to forget it’s a booze-free party.

Focus on Food Variety and Quality

As well as drinks, you can also look at upping your game when it comes to food, making the food the real star of the show. Cater to various dietary requirements and go the extra mile with the quality of food on offer.

You could experiment with marinades and spices, while you could go a little more exotic with meat options, too. But don’t forget the sides too!

The likes of salads, potatoes, corn on the cob are all staples of BBQ, so get those in order, or ask guests to bring along a dish to help supplement the occasion.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Setting the right atmosphere is crucial for any event. For a booze-free BBQ, aim for a relaxed and inviting environment. Use decorations like fairy lights, lanterns, and colourful tablecloths to create a festive feel. Comfortable seating areas with cushions and blankets can encourage guests to linger and chat. Music is also a key element; create a playlist with a mix of upbeat and mellow tunes to suit the mood. Consider setting up a shaded area with umbrellas or a gazebo to provide relief from the sun. A well-thought-out atmosphere will help your guests feel at ease and enjoy the event without alcohol.

Communicate Clearly with Guests

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, let guests know it’s going to be booze-free. By doing this beforehand, you can set expectations and also frame it more positively by highlighting all the other drinks, food, and activities you’ll have available.

This will help transform judgment and, on the day, create a much more relaxed and fun environment where everyone is on the same page.