Add a dash of vibrant colour with these flowers in winter

by Northern Life

As we head into a colder time of year, it doesn’t mean that your garden can’t be a hotbed of winter colour! Container gardening is an easy, quick and instant way to add colour and winter interest to your outdoor space.

Take your pots and hanging baskets that were filled with summer colour and plant them up with winter favourites including heathers, cyclamens, ornamental brassicas, grasses and evergreens to give your garden a much-needed dash of vibrant colour.

The team at Tong Garden Centre recommend five favourite plants for an instant winter garden pick-me-up!

Pansies and violas

Flowers in winter

Cooler season bloomers that will flower through frost and sometimes throughout winter, they make a fantastic, colourful addition to containers and baskets.


Flowers in winter

Available in many varieties, cyclamen have a strong, sweet scent and will flower well into the New Year, but protect them from frost.


Flowers in winter

Pretty coloured flowers that thrive in moist soil containing organic matter, but make sure they are situated in partial shade.


Flowers in winter

There are many varieties of primrose that can grow in planted containers, available in vibrant hues to delight you with beautiful blooms twice a year.


Flowers in winter

The winter rose – offering beautiful, delicate flowers, hellebores are so easy to grow and come with a huge choice of flower colour.

TONG TIP… Add some Christmas sparkle to your patio or doorstep by weaving outdoor lights through plants in containers or hanging baskets. Battery operated or solar powered, they will add a twinkle for when the nights draw in!

December in the garden…

Tips from the team of experts at Tong Don’t let frosts take you by surprise – prepare your garden and plants for winter.

December is the perfect time to plant a tree – be it one of our beautiful, native varieties or an orchard of fruit trees to reward you with a tasty harvest.

Garden birds need our help throughout winter so put out food and water every day.

To prevent problems with your garden watering equipment next year, turn off the water and drain irrigation pipes and hoses before really cold weather arrives. This time of year is perfect for
erecting fences, trellis, pergolas, arches and other garden structures.

Cover compost bins to keep rain out and set up water butts to collect rain water

FINALLY… brighten up your home over the festive period with poinsettia, cyclamen and azaleas, all classic Christmas houseplants.

With thanks to the expert gardener at Tong Garden Centre in Bradford. or call 01132 853 506