Old blue wooden garden bench in colorful summer garden

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis: Elevate Your Space with a Stunning and Practical Bench Additions

by Northern Life

Spring, good weather, sunny days. Now is the perfect time to take care of your garden and update last year’s design to meet this summer in full readiness. Some hire a landscape designer to arrange the territory of their house beautifully and stylishly, while others rely on their taste and arrange the garden in accordance with their ideas and thoughts.

Anyway, it’s worth starting with the practicality of your space. One of the main values of the garden is the opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. You’re not going to do it standing up, are you? Therefore, the first thing to think about is the outdoor bench. This may seem like a small thing, but when choosing a bench, you need to take into account many factors: how it fits into your space, what material it is made of and whether it is convenient for you to sit on it. Even the climate is to keep in mind, whether you live in the boiling sands of Dubai or the frozen fjords of Oslo. There is much to consider. 

We tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a bench:


The material is the key to the quality and durability of the bench. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the material first. The choice is quite large: wood, metal, plastic, concrete and stone.

Wooden benches are among the most popular. The wood has a natural beauty and can be combined with any landscape. Wooden benches can be made of various types of wood, including pine, spruce, cedar, etc.

Metal benches can be made of various metals, including cast iron, steel and aluminum. Such benches are usually more durable than wooden ones and can easily withstand any weather conditions.

However, there is a disadvantage: metal benches can be less comfortable, since they usually do not have backs or seats. However, they can be installed in a variety of styles and designs, and many people prefer them because of their durability and reliability.

Plastic benches are lightweight, easy to shape and can have bright colors. Plastic benches can be easily moved from place to place. However, this has a drawback: strong gusts of wind can demolish your bench, so it must be securely installed.

Concrete and stone benches are the most durable and durable of all the materials presented above. They can be made in various styles and designs, and can be used both for the street and for the garden or plot. Due to their heavy construction, they will not be easily moved by wind or other forces of nature.

Despite their strength, concrete and stone benches can be a little less comfortable, so if you are looking for a bench for a long rest, then perhaps you should choose a different material. Also, they may be more expensive than other materials, which should be taken into account when choosing.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the bench should also be taken into account when choosing. It is important to choose a bench that matches the size and shape of your garden or plot so that it does not look unsuitable or uncomfortable.

The length of the bench also matters. If you plan to use it for rest for a long time, it is better to choose a longer bench so that there is enough space for comfortable sitting. However, if you want to use it only for short breaks, then you can choose a more compact model.

Strength and stability

Benches should be strong enough to withstand the weight of people and not break. They must also be stable so as not to tip over or move under the influence of strong winds or other forces of nature.

When choosing a bench, pay attention to the frames and structures used to make it. Some materials may be more durable than others, for example, metal benches will be more stable than plastic ones. Also, consider the place where the bench will be installed. If it is an open space, then it is necessary to choose benches with a heavy structure so that they do not tip over in the wind or other weather conditions.

The main thing is to focus on your needs and tastes. Enjoy your garden!