Garden office

6 benefits of having a garden office

by Northern Life

Working from home is becoming increasingly more common due
to the benefits it creates. Having an office in your garden could be an ideal
place if you work for yourself, are looking to start a business or perhaps just
want to make your life easier and save on the time and cost of commuting. There
are so many reasons why a garden office will change your life, here are some
key points from the UK’s premier retailer of quality garden and leisure
buildings, GBC Group, as to why that is the case.

No daily commute

When you have your office in your garden your commute time
will reduce drastically. No more early mornings to beat the rush hour traffic
or the chaotic public transport where you struggle to even get a seat. A stroll
from your back door to your garden office will allow you to start your day
fresh and stress free, not only that but the money you will be saving will
definitely add up.

No more 9-5 routine

Gone are the days of making sure you’re sat at your desk for
9am and not switching off till the hour hits 5pm. Having an office in your
garden gives you the freedom to work the hours that are suitable for you. With
the right working attitude, you’ll be able to complete what you need to do
within your own hours, without having the regulated times of company offices.

Away from the city
and noise

If you work in the city, the hustle and bustle of the lively
location can certainly take a toll on how you work and it’s not always for
everyone. You may find when working in your garden office that the calm and
peaceful environment can greatly increase your productivity.

Create the workspace
you want

The ability to create a workspace
that suits your needs is another benefit when working from your garden office.
Firstly you’ll be able to choose the building itself, there are a great range
of summerhouses and sheds for sale
from GBC Group
which will fit perfectly in your garden. Also being able to choose
your desk, chair and even the temperature of the room are all added benefits to
being in control of your own workspace.

Balance home and work

The balance between home
and work life can be difficult to manage, but working from your garden could be
the answer. The flexibility of being able to take a break, watch your child’s
school performance or cook dinner for the family, is all possible whilst still
holding a career – it’s all down to your management skills and using your time

Increases your
property value

Not only is having a garden office beneficial to your
lifestyle, but when it comes to moving on and selling up, having extras in your
home such as a garden office can increase your property value by up 7%. The
investment of buying an outdoor building can be a potential financial source by
the time you look to settle elsewhere, so it’s something you should consider.