holidaying at home

Staycation – Making The Most Of Your Garden

by Northern Life

Holidays are being cancelled, festivals rescheduled, and trips postponed. With summer beginning but plans changing there is a rush to enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts, which knowing the north won’t be very long! So here at Northern Life we thought what better way to make the most of summer 2020 than to holiday at home! The back garden just became your next dream destination.

Holiday at home

We all have different ideas when it comes to the perfect holiday so for your convenience the following products and ideas have been categorised into a spectrum of holidaying atmospheres. Whether your perfect idea of escape is a lively festival or a relaxing nature getaway we have the guide to your holiday recreations at your fingertips.

Festival Fun

Budget Type: Low to Medium

Heartbroken music lovers we know you will have been looking forward to festival season all through the winter months. Festival goers crave that feeling of thudding loud music whilst the sun is shining, and the drinks are flowing. Well get those wellies on and cover your face in glitter because you’ve just snapped up tickets to the hottest new festival of the year and it’s only a few steps outside! Create your very own Glastonbury in your back garden with these fun and exciting tips.


To ensure your partying isn’t cut short by the sun setting these lighting ideas will keep you boogying long into the night, not too long to bother the neighbours though! Every festival has a respectable finishing time of course. Ultra LEDs offer a brilliant selection of festoon weatherproof lighting with colour combinations that will last you through festival season and well beyond.


This is your festival, so that means you get to choose the headliners! You could even get the kids involved to perform on stage and sing for a set of their own! If you’re wanting more well-known performers to be making an appearance, then a good quality speaker is all you need. Dusk Lighting offer several options with their range of Mantra Outdoor LED portable speakers that not only provide great sound but also add to the mood lighting! You can have The Beatles playing a private show in no time.

Furniture and Decor

Why not make it an overnight affair and pitch a tent in your garden, it’ll be much more enjoyable knowing you’ve got a flushing toilet to use. No portaloos at this festival! If camping’s not your thing then there are other options for providing you with a comfy seat when a dance break is very much needed. Why not create a bohemian zone with The Stripes Company, they have a range of hammocks, bunting and picnic blankets to cosy your space up. Who said Festivals couldn’t be relaxing as well?

Spa Break

Budget Type: Medium to High

Are you already desperate for a relaxing break from working at home? Everyone needs a little me time every now and again, especially in uncertain times like these. So, what better way to look after your mind, body and soul than to treat yourself by recreating your own serene spa break in your garden. You’ll be Zen and free of stress in no time.


In order to fully immerse yourself into the spa break recreation you must first make sure your surroundings are perfectly peaceful, well as peaceful as is possible with the neighbours mowing their lawn on the fifth consecutive day. An affordable way of creating a soothing environment can be something as simple as covering a section of your garden with fairy lights, creating a zone within your garden especially for your relaxing purposes. Still missing that intimate secluded feeling. Screen with Envy have a good solution! Using a decorative set of their screens to corner off your own little zone of paradise is the perfect way to really get the down time you want without unwanted distractions.

Spa Treatments

Now you’ve set the scene all that is left is the means of relaxation. Spa breaks are the epitome of luxury, so it seems only right to indulge in the luxury at home. Hot Tubs are becoming more and more popular and for good reason! There are several different types of hot tubs on the market for you to find the right fit and to suit all types of budget. However, you have to consider the safety and maintenance of your hot tub before you place your order! BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) are the people to go to for this useful information, they also hold an annual industry awards night showcasing the best at home pools and hot tubs! Just if you fancy a cheeky look. And just think, whilst your spa breaking outside, you’ll be working on your tan at the same time. Relaxed and bronzed? Sounds like a perfect combination.

Family Getaway

Budget Type: Low to Medium

One of the biggest challenges for parents across the world right now is how to keep the kids occupied in this time whilst also keeping somewhat sane themselves. Luckily the weather has been unusually kind to us, so what better way to tire them out and still enjoy the summer than turning the garden into a fun little getaway. Think BBQs, dance parties and sunbathing until your hearts content.

Outdoor Cooking

It’s that time of year again where everyone’s garden’s fill up with the smell of grilled burgers and sizzling sausages. Well don’t miss out, a summer night is not complete without the family huddled round a barbeque praying to be spared of food poisoning. Morsø sell brilliant outdoor ovens that can become a cosy outdoor heater when it starts getting a little chilly. They can also be used as pizza ovens, so you know that a family pizza party is definitely on the cards.


You can’t have a family getaway without playing a few games and hoping it doesn’t end in a fall out. It just wouldn’t be as fun right? Get everyone out in the garden and play a few of the classics like tig or hide and seek, maybe get the water balloons out if it’s particularly warm. Once the kids imaginations are going even a hose pipe can be hours of fun!

Being at one with Nature!

Budget Type: Low to Medium

Do you normally look forward to going on scenic walks and visiting the beautiful heritage sites the north has to offer throughout summer? There is nothing more relaxing than a walk through a botanical garden while the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. With nothing but time on our hands there has never been a better time to test that green thumb and make very your own slice of Eden!


You can’t enjoy a botanical garden without there being something to look at and admire! Get the most out of the weather and spend time pottering around the garden getting rid of those weeds that have been bothering you for a while and sowing those seeds sitting in the shed that you promised you would get to two summers ago.


After all that work you need somewhere to sit, enjoy a cuppa and blissfully admire the nature surrounding you. WELOVECUSHIONS have the perfect deckchairs that will fit in with your newly blossoming garden. Their recent Botanical range features colourful vintage floral designs and are handmade in London. The ideal perch for any aspiring gardener.


Now that were limited to the amount of company we can entertain, why not turn to mother nature for a few fresh faces. Creating a haven in your garden for the north’s wilderness is a perfect way of breathing a new lease of life into your garden and perhaps a chance at a new hobby at the same time. UpGardener have created a brilliant guide on how to attract birds into your garden and keep them coming back. Who needs music when you have the birds singing just for you.

Perhaps you were saving your holiday money this year to revamp your home. Home improvements don’t have to end with the house though! Bring the renovations outside and transform your garden into a place where you can feel proud to have your friends over when this difficult time ends. This doesn’t have to mean spending all your savings. A lick of paint or a good jet washing can make the biggest difference. If you are looking for a way to step up your outdoor living game and splurge on something a little bit special, then perhaps GBC Group may have something for you. From sheds to summer houses they offer a variety of outdoor buildings that could take your garden to the next level and perhaps provide that extra space with an outdoor office.

And of course, there are ways to transport you to far off lands without breaking the bank. Hitachi Personal Finance have created a brilliant list of ways you can spruce up your garden without spending a penny. Things such a carrying out basic upkeep on your sheds and dividing your plants to spread out the nature more. At times like this it is important to not overwhelm ourselves both physically and financially so doing what you can with what you have is perfectly fine. The main goal is getting yourself outside to enjoy the weather and fresh air. It’ll be winter before we know it!