Spring on your doorstep – create a floral front door display


Create a showstopping floral front door display this spring

Celebrate the arrival of spring and make a memorable entrance, with an extra-special doorstep display. The trend for going big at Christmas went even bigger in 2020, with Instagram feeds filled with standout styling moments and doorways adorned with decorations. But why reserve doorstep makeovers to December – especially when spring florals are so picture perfect! “Decorating your home for Easter is the perfect way to showcase your style, providing a backdrop for frame- worthy photos and bringing instant cheer to neighbours and passers-by,” says Rebecca Stanton, Creative Stylist at Dobbies.

“The wonderful thing about a spring front door display is that you can totally tailor it for the size of your space. Whether that’s styling up a full floral arch to transform a porch or taking elements of the display and using the same spring flowers to create a handmade doorway wreath.

“I love the element of surprise that comes with Easter decorating, as it’s not as typical to see in comparison to Christmas. Once you see your home transformed and feel the instant spring cheer that’s created as a result, I’m sure it will become a much loved and looked forward to tradition!”

With a long Bank-Holiday weekend to look forward to and the promise of warmer spring weather, it’s time to get planning your showstopping doorway display. Rebecca explains how to recreate the look for a standout entrance this spring…

You’ll need:

  • Chicken wire
  • Floristry wire
  • Oasis blocks
  • Base greenery from your garden
  • Spring florals from your garden – allflorals can be bought from Dobbiesin seed, bulb or plant form
  • Artificial stems – used carefully, willnot withstand weather if exposed for along period of time
    Florals used: Anemones, Daffodils,
    Hyacinth, Iris, Alliums, Ranunculus, Tulips,
    Freesias, Achillea, Antirrhinum, Hellebores,
    Stocks, Viburnum, English foliage
    In addition to the decorations and garland, you will also need: cable ties, scissors, wire cutters and a small step ladder depending how tall your doorway is.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a chicken wire base shape to suit your doorway. The arch could frame the doorway or maybe an asymmetric arch would work better.
  2. Fill the chicken wire frame with oasis blocks, soak these in water so the fresh foliage last longer.
  3. Begin arranging the base layer of greenery and think about the shape you’d like to achieve; will it be the same size all the way round the arch or would it be more impactful to start of full and thick and get thinner as it moves over the arch?
  4. You are now ready to add in the fresh floral stems to the oasis blocks, remember to balance out the colour and texture throughout the arch.
  5. We have added artificial stems into this archway, we’ve used Hydrangeas and Lavender. These can be added at this stage. Please note that artificial stems are not designed to be used outdoors so they must be chosen carefully and used in a porch or covered entrance to ensure they last. 
  6. Step back and enjoy your spring showstopper!

Find out more at dobbies.com or northernlife/homes 



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