preparing garden for summer party

Preparing your garden for the best summer party possible!

by Northern Life

With the summer about to commence, now would be the perfect time to look at what can be done to provide the best summer party in your garden possible!

Set up a dedicated area to watch the sport

With so many different sporting events taking place throughout the summer at various times, it is important to be able to set up an area in which the action can be watched.

Of course, with England, Scotland and Wales all competing in the upcoming 2020 UEFA European Championships, there will be many who will want to be able to cheer on their countrymen in the best possible settings.

An idea that could be had is to have a TV screen set up on a wall outside in the garden if possible, with each game being available to watch whilst out in the sunshine. Another idea could be to have a projector play the sporting events up against the side of the house or against a screen that can be pulled down, as this will be rather easy to do and will provide the opportunity to watch the boys playing on a big screen.

Of course, sports and betting fans alike will be pleased with what this summer will bring them in regards to sporting events, and what could be more entertaining than betting on the Euros while enjoying an ice-cold drink and some top barbecue food in hand.

However, with all the great sporting and entertaining events available to make the most of in a – hopefully – glorious summer, it is vital to ensure that your garden is set up to provide the best and ultimate garden party experience and one that is unmatched by any other.

preparing garden for summer party

Quality food and drinks

Some would argue that a garden party in the summer is not very good until there is food and drink available. Indeed, with positive thoughts be wished that we have a heatwave at home throughout the summer, food and drink should be at the top of any list when it comes down to preparing the best summer party.

One way to ensure that this happens is to stock up on a wide range of different refreshments and have them chilling in ice or in a cold fridge, whilst also stocking up on food favourites, such as meats for the barbecue and cold finger-food that people can help themselves to and fill their plates.

Whilst this can be costly, one way of getting around it is to get each guest to try and provide something. This may help to reduce the cost a little, however it can also be a great way for different foods to be brought to the party, thus making it a garden party that some may not forget in a hurry.

preparing garden for summer party

Seating area and space that is open to encouraging socialising

There is arguably nothing worse than going to a summer garden party and not being able to socialise or feel uncomfortable at the fact that it would appear difficult to socialise with the other guests that have been invited.

The chat that can be had at a summer garden party can be amongst some of the best, whilst it can also help to make attendees become new friends or catch up with old friends.

One way this can be achieved is to create an open area where seating is positioned in a way where nobody is felt excluded, whilst having some form of heating device would also be advisable as it can get pretty nippy in the evenings, especially if the sun has been out all day.