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Online Hobbies to Take Up in 2022

by Northern Life


In 2022, there are so many hobbies that you can get started with and it doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or you already know something about the hobby.

Word games

The success of games like Wordle has got people excited about word games online, and there’s no reason not to play them online, as it is easier than ever to get a reliable internet connection. You can even play these kinds of games on your phone.

As you would probably expect, there have been loads of copycat games coming out, so the people who just aren’t satisfied with one word game a day have the option to play for longer.

There are also a lot of other word games cropping up that you can enjoy, or you could go back to the old classics like online crosswords. These can help to keep your brain sharp as well as keeping you entertained for hours, and there are some huge websites dedicated to brain training and word games.

Writing or blogging

Now is as good a time as any to take up writing or blogging. There are so many different ways in which you can get started, too. Some people will take up blogging because they want to keep a diary of their life, other people start because they are looking for a creative outlet.

A lot of people feel they have a book that they want to write at some point, and you can enjoy every aspect of this online, from taking courses and learning how to write a book to a professional standard, down to publishing it yourself.

Whether you want other people to read your writing or not, that’s absolutely fine, and any subject you want to write about is up to you. You could contribute to sites about your favourite bands or sports teams, for example.


Making a podcast can be great fun – it’s a way to catch up with and make new friends, so come up with a subject and start podcasting.

Whether you want to chat about your other hobbies or talk about something you are passionate about, such as a sports team or TV show, a podcast can be a great outlet for you and you can do it all completely online.

There are many software options for remotely recording, so you don’t have to be in the same room, and there is also a huge amount of content online that can tell you how to make home recordings to a good standard.

Podcasts have become really common and they don’t require the same level of editing that some other media formats do – for instance, if you wanted to start making videos.

Casino games

Casino games either involve skill, such as choosing when to “hit” in blackjack, or they might just be random games like slots, where you can’t really affect the outcome. Either way, they can be enjoyable. However, games such as poker and other casino table games are more in line with hobbies that you can learn about or even improve your skills at.

You can look through online casino reviews to find the very best casino offerings, including signup bonuses that you can take advantage of to get started.


Gaming is incredibly popular, with billions of people engaging with some form of gaming, from playing a simple mobile game all the way down to MMORPG games that see multiple people playing online at the same time.

If you look at an online games marketplace such as Steam, you will see that there truly are games in pretty much any niche you can imagine. Whichever way you want to play and on virtually any device, you’ll have some options.

Gaming isn’t necessarily just for young people, and though some people give it a bad name, gaming can also be a great way for you to stay sharp and develop skills as well as work on your logic skills.

Games that involve strategy can be a fantastic way to play and relax but also give your brain something to focus on.


There are so many hobbies that you can choose to take up, and it really depends what your passions in life are. No matter how specialized your interests are, you can usually find something to get involved in over the internet, and hobbies can form an important part of your life and fill your spare time.