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How to avoid poor internet connection in rural areas

by Northern Life

Craven businesses and residents: sign up now for low monthly cost high speed wireless broadband

If you live or work in the Craven area and want to avoid poor internet connection, register now at Boundless Networks or phone 0113 894 1951. The company offers 10Mbps to 1Gbps download speeds to Craven and surrounding areas, including Skipton, Keighley, Bradford, Otley and Ilkley.

The high speed wireless technology operated by Boundless Networks is cost effective and reliable.

Poor connection

The UK Government is committed to broadband speeds of 10Mbps for everyone in the UK, but up to 1.5 million rural households are being told they will have to wait up to two to three years before getting a basic internet service.  Boundless Networks provides a solution for these households and rural businesses.

Boundless Networks, based in Leeds and Chorley, is one of the UK’s leading Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers.  It has been helping individuals, communities, businesses and local authorities receive superfast broadband technology in poorly serviced rural areas since 2006.

The company has one of the largest wireless coverage footprints of any such provider in the country, with coverage of over 3,500 square miles with approximately 4,000 wireless links in service and operates a private national fibre network from its data centre in Manchester.

High speed internet access is provided from an array of fibre-connected masts across the region and delivered to the end user by microwave or fibre optic cable.

Entrepreneur and Boundless Networks Chairman David Hood, who lives in Craven, comments: “Our wireless services are loved by our rural and urban clients, who get access speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

“We believe Boundless Networks is the fastest and largest Fibre Wireless Internet Service Provider in rural and remote areas of the UK; we offer the most reliable broadband connections to homes and businesses.”