Magical Mermaid Cocktail

by Northern Life

This whimsical concoction captures the allure of the ocean and the beauty of mythical mermaids, offering a delightful and refreshing drink that sparkles with a touch of magic. This can also be made with non-alcoholic gin to keep everyone happy!


Prep time: 1-2 hours
700ml Gin
2 tbsp dried butterfly pea tea flowers
2 tsp edible gold lustre powder
Sterilised lidded bottles or jars
For the mermaid Cocktail (serves 1)
50ml pineapple juice l Juice of 1 lime
100ml ginger beer l 50ml magic gin


1. To make the magic gin, pour the gin into a large lidded sterilised jar. Add the dried butterfly pea tea flowers and stir well. Close the lid and shake the gin well, then set aside for 30 mins for a lighter colour, or up to 3 hours for a darker colour.
2. When you’re ready to bottle up your magical mermaid gin gifts, remove the flowers from the jar and strain the gin through a muslin cloth to remove any flower pieces if necessary.
3. Once you’ve decanted the gin into sterilised airtight gift bottles add the magical shimmer. Using a skewer, collect a small amount of the edible lustre powder on the end and gently tip the dust into each bottle. Less is more with the lustre, so start small and build up! When you’ve added the lustre, seal the bottles with the lid and give a good shake. Store away from direct sunlight until you’re ready to serve, then just before serving give the bottle a good shake to awaken the lustre.
4. To make your magical mermaid cocktail, fill a highball glass with ice and add the pineapple juice followed by the lime juice. Top with ginger beer until 3/4 full, then add the magical gin and see the colour change from blue to purple. Stir briefly before serving.


NorthernLife Dec/Jan 24