How to attract birds to your garden

How to attract birds to your garden

by Northern Life


How to attract birds to your gardenWhere you live in the country and what type of habitat is nearby will obviously largely influence the range of species present, however you can maximise the number of birds choosing to visit your garden by the range of bird food you provide as well as the selection of bird friendly plants in your garden.

For most gardeners a bird table is the starting point. Typically, the table should have edges to stop food falling off and a roof to keep it dry. Hung in a good position which is easily visible
from inside your home, either from a tree or fixed to a stake to provide protection from prowling cats.

“Maximise the number of birds choosing to visit your garden by the range of bird food you provide”

An alternative to a bird table is a metal bird feeding station. This is basically a metal pole with various hooks at the top of it to hang a selection of feeders from. The metal stem is very effective in stopping cats and squirrels as they are unable to climb up.

The next decision is what bird foods to try. The wider range of bird food you offer, the wider the selection of birds you will attract. Robins love mealworms; Blackbirds – fresh fruit; Goldfinches – Nyger seed; Woodpeckers – fat balls; Coal Tits, Great Tits and Blue Tits – peanuts; while black sunflower seeds are a brilliant all-round food.

There are a wide range of different feeders to choose from and many birds such as Blue Tits, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers love to hang on wire feeders consuming peanuts or fat balls and they are great to watch!

Birds can be fed year-round, but in the colder winter months a regular supply of food and water helps keep them alive.

To compliment the feeding, look at the habitat in your garden. Is there a good selection of trees and shrubs for the birds to perch in? Are there evergreen shrubs such as Holly or Berberis to provide shelter and fruit, or scented honeysuckles to attract insects, or ivy to provide nest sites?

Once you have a range of birds visiting your garden, think about providing nest boxes and if you really are interested, consider a nest box with a built-in camera so you can watch the young birds hatching and developing.

So, don’t wait any longer, start attracting the birds into your garden now and give nature a hand.How to attract birds to your garden