DIY Coat Hanger Bedside Table

by Northern Life


An upcycled bed table made of coat hangers provides the extra level of comfort. It offers space for breakfast items as well as a vase of cut geraniums for a floral morning greeting. This unique DIY piece can be built in just a few steps.

DIY Coat Hanger Bedside Table

For this upcycled bedside table you will need four wooden coat hangers with a bar, two boards, spray paint, a cordless drill, screws, a saw and a geranium plant.

Here’s how to make it: First remove the hooks from the hangers.

DIY Coat Hanger Bedside Table

Then place the hangers opposite each other with the hook holes touching to determine the size of your table’s shelves.

Measure the distance across both hangers. Saw each of your boards into a square of this size. Next, on one hanger, pre-drill holes at either end and one in the central section.

Repeat this with the other three hangers.

Spray the coat hangers and boards with your chosen colours and leave to dry.

Once the paint is dry, assemble the table with screws.

Tip: If you sand the wood lightly beforehand, the paint will stick better...

NorthernLife Mar/Apr 23