Designed for Modern Life

by Laura Storey


House hunting can be stressful. You’re searching for a home for your family, and it can seem impossible to find a house that matches up to your vision or fits your lifestyle. Scrolling through property sites can be time-consuming and often feels a little like online dating. A perfect match can quickly turn into a disaster as the estate agent declares an overpriced semi as “a fixer-upper with great potential”. The lime-green bath suite has got to go and the orange paint the old owners slapped everywhere will take a few coats to eliminate. Not to mention that unnerving musty smell that screams of damp and mould.

It’s unsurprising so many house hunters settle for a house that is not the home of their dreams in a rocketing marketing where houses seem more expensive by the minute.

“It’s better than that place with no roof”, you may think optimistically, or the old house with the obviously haunted cellar, but do you really want to spend all your savings on a place that is endearing in its quirks but realistically will test your DIY skills most weekends?

It might not have been something you have considered, but throughout the North, new stylish homes are being built from Pendle to Inskip. They look stylish with clean brick work and neatly pruned gardens, they don’t smell of mould and there are no echoes of the fashion faux pas of the old owners. The benefits of buying a new home are numerous:

It’s more sustainable (and cheaper to heat!)

New homes are built to comply with the latest building regulations which ensure homes are highly energy efficient, say goodbye to draughty windows! Anita Jolley, sales manager at Northstone who are building homes in Keld, Barrowford, said: “All new build homes have to meet certain building standards so energy bills will be cheaper, but our commitment to sustainability means we do more than just meet targets. Our homes come with triple-glazed windows on the first floor, full length windows, smart home tech which learns how you live, and more, helping to keep bills down and minimise the carbon footprint of our homes.” New homes are built with modern life in mind, with the latest tech to ensure energy use is efficient and keep you cosy in winter and cool in summer, so instead of messing with the thermostat you can relax in your new house.

Spacious and modern – the living space in a Northstone development in Keld, Barrowfold

Less maintenance

Older homes may have had dozens of owners, all of them snagging walls while trying to get their sofas in and out, the boiler may be on its last legs and damp may be starting to creep into the walls, with a newer home you can expect much less maintenance, and most developers offer some sort of guarantee to ensure this.

“But what about character?”

Well, obviously a new build won’t have a hundred-year-old fireplace, or an ornate skirting board from the Victorian era, but there are ways to inject character into your new build, particularly if you’re buying off-plan (before the house is built). You may be able to choose which units you have in kitchens and bathrooms, the flooring and even the fittings such as electrical plugs can be tailored to your needs and preference. Character is not imbued over a house over centuries but is a culmination of little details that personalise your home. Moving into a new build allows you to put your own stamp on a house and truly make it your own.

It may be the start to a whole new life in a new home and it probably won’t include a lime green bath suite

Maria from Broad Acres who are building the Tall Trees development at Yarm said, “Our homes well and truly stand out from the crowd, Tall Trees absolutely oozes kerb appeal. Plus, once inside, it pulls at the heart strings too.  These properties are lifestyle-designed and Yorkshire-built –we know you’ll be impressed by what we’ve created.”

New homes are created with a modern lifestyle in mind, with party-ready kitchens that allow socialising and cosy nooks for curling up with a Kindle. As your new home absorbs your lifestyle, character will come naturally, created by good vibes and a chic throw or two.

Full of character – Northstone’s development in Barrowford


Location, location, location

The government plans to build 300,000 new homes a year and a trip to Manchester or Leeds will showcase the dozens of cranes that litter the skyline, but it’s not just big cities that are experiencing a building boom. If you’re searching for a home in the small towns and villages across the North, you’re in luck, as developments are even available in Northern Life’s hometown of Colne. Sarah Lee from Pendle Council says “Pendle is a great place to live, with two new developments offering the best of town and country. Northlight, a landmark Lancashire cotton mill, has been transformed into modern apartments looking out to Pendle Hill. The historic complex includes a gym and reception with concierge.  Greenfields View in Colne is a small development of stone-built houses with countryside views. Both projects are a collaboration between Pendle Council and Pendle developer, Barnfield.” With the countryside a short walk from your front door but the market and shops just around the corner, Colne is perfect for a taste of country life with the benefits of town centre living.

If Colne’s hustle and bustle is not your thing then escape to the beautiful village of Inskip,

Sue Housley says “Concert Living are proud to present this delightful new development of homes in this quaint Lancashire village. With just 30 new homes on this development comprising of a mix of 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom houses and bungalows, Scholars’ Chase offers something for everyone.

The houses have been crafted to fit seamlessly into the green spaces that make up and surround the rest of the village, with expansive gardens and hedgerows artfully weaved into the layout of the development.”

So next time house hunting begins to feel like a lottery, pop down to your local development and take a look at the show house – it may be the start to a whole new life in a new home and it probably won’t include a lime green bath suite…