Yorkshire Quiz Summer 2022

by Northern Life


Summer has arrived and as tourists flock to our beautiful towns and countryside, Craven&ValleyLife is separating the true locals from the offcumdens with our Yorkshire quiz. Check your answers here

1. Skipton hosts an annual Heritage Day, which animal is the event named after?
2. Why was Skipton Castle built?
3. What word would a Yorkshire person use for sandwich?
4. Motorcycle trial world champions, Martin and Douglas Lampkin, are from which Yorkshire town?
5. Keighley is the home to which Champion Beer of Britain award recipient brewery?
6. Which collection of steam trains running from Haworth and Oxenhope have been used in several films?
7. Keighley was the birthplace of which former Conservative Party Chairman?
8. The Craven district is the most Westerly in North Yorkshire, but how many square miles of land does it stretch across? 350, 450 or 550?
9. If someone says, “I’m going down the ginnel” where are they going?
10. Skipton was used as a site for prisoner of war camps in which wars?
11. Yorkshire has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but can you name them?
12. If someone calls you ‘Buggerlugs’ are they insulting you or is it a term of endearment?
13. Which war hero, buried in Utley Cemetery in Keighley, is believed to have inspired the TV show, Sharpe’s Justice, starring Sean Bean?
14. The first cotton mill built in Yorkshire, Low Mill, was constructed in which Yorkshire town?
15. In the Doomsday Book of 1086, which village was listed as the most important in Craven?
16. In what year did the Tour De France begin in Yorkshire?
17. In 1998, 27 gold coins dating back to the 1st Century AD were found in Silsden, how much were they valued at by experts? Was it £20,000, £50,000 or £100,000?
18. In 1974, residents of Keighley resented being ‘taken over’ when merging with which metropolitan district?
19. The composer, Edward Elgar visited one town on many occasions with his stays commemorate by a plaque, which town did he visit??
20. Craven takes its name from what traditional form of stone?
21. Getting asked “Sup wier?” means what in Yorkshire speak?
22. Where was Kaiser Chief ’s frontman, Ricky Wilson born?
23. Why is a Yorkshire pudding called a pudding?
24. The Yorkshire curd tart dates to which century? 18th, 19th or 20th?
25. If you hear ‘ruering’ what is the sound?

Craven&ValleyLife Summer 2022