Yorkshire in Photographs

Yorkshire in Photographs – Dave Zdanowicz

by Northern Life

Dave Zdanowicz

Whitby Abbey

A stunning collection of images showcasing the county of Yorkshire in all its glory

Yorkshire is not only the largest county in England, it is also the most beautiful; just ask anyone living there. If there is a heaven then it must surely look like this, and landscape photographer, Dave Zdanowicz, has captured its essence in this collection of divine images.

From the distinctive landscapes and timeless villages of the Yorkshire Dales National Park to the spectacular, wave-battered east coast, this book has it covered. For its proud inhabitants, long-term visitors and even casual tourists, this book is a must. Scan through these photographs and you’ll quickly see why Yorkshire is known as ‘God’s Own County’.

Here’s what Dave has to say…

Ever since I purchased my first camera in July 2013 I have been hooked on photographing the amazing Yorkshire Landscape. My love for landscape photography has really helped me see what an amazing county I live in, some of the places I would have never known existed if not for exploring with my camera.

The images in this book are my collection of over 120 images taken over the last couple of years. I have explored cities, coastal lines and the vast Yorkshire countryside. Each picture represents a unique moment captured from each seasonal scene.

Each part of Yorkshire is unique in its own way. There has been something special about each location. It is full of history and tradition. I can see why Yorkshire has been named one of the must visit places in the world.

Yorkshire in PhotographsMy main inspiration for this book has been my online following. I have been asked many times over the last 2 years whether I had a book and my friend Imran suggested I contacted a publisher to try and get my work released. Amberley Publishing really liked my work and thought it would make a great book. I was over the moon.

Dave’s book, Yorkshire in Photographs is officially released on April 15th 2016, you can order your copy here.

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