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by Northern Life

A master of Yorkshire dialect, Ben Taylor writes his witty and poignant verses whilst out walking his sausage dog, Barbara, through the glorious countryside of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Ben started uploading his Yorkshire dialect poetry to social media and soon realised that his poetry had an affinity with many Yorkshire folk, particularly those that have moved to other parts of the world. In his distinctively broad Yorkshire accent, he delivers his prose to his camera, often accompanied by Barbara.

In 2015, Ben’s best mate (and fellow Yorkshireman), Chris moved to Melbourne, with his partner Tash and together they had nipper called Joshua. Yorkshire may have lost a valued Tyke when Chris moved, but Ben was inspired to write a poem which has garnered over a million views on social media. For Joshua was written to introduce Joshua to Yorkshire dialect and to remind him that he can be proud to be a tyke.

This second video features a poem explaining oils. When we say oil, we’re talking: “dig an oil int ground” or “shut your cake cake oil”… comprende? …no? Watch Ben’s video below and all will become clear.

When Ben wrote the following remembrance day poem he said “I can’t stress enough how proud I am to call myself British and how important I think it is to pay our respects to those who’ve served our great Kingdom.”

And his words certainly haven’t gone unheard. Within 24 hours of posting this video on Facebook it had well over half a million views.

“The Royal British Legion do champion work so help them out however ya can, volunteer or donate! I’m out collecting for em on Leeds Poppy Day so get this shared and let’s get me bucket filled up with brass!”

I’ve got loads [of poems] and they may as well be shared!” says Ben from Stanley in Wakefield. Keep your eye on his Facebook page Yorkshire Prose for more from Ben Taylor.

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