poetry Wrens


by Northern Life

By Stewart Earl Emmott, Cleveleys

Nesting in the bushes
At the far end of my sheltered garden
Wrens with their upright tilted tails
Gently speckled brown and fawn
Flitting and hopping along the cut logs
Exploring every part of this wooded ground
This beautifully wild and natural flower filled garden
In a ceaseless search for invertebrates
For spiders, ants and mites –
Concealed and hiding away
Their secretly covert lives
In the crevices and gaps
Between the stones of the garden walls
And I have also seen them
With their upright tilted tails
Standing upon the wood stacks
In the fields near the shallow stream
Gaily singing their little song
Before flitting away again –
In and out of the neatly stacked poles
Much like little mice