Wooden gifts for Dad

Has your dad got wood?

All men have an interest and fascination in common.

Most of you no doubt, will already have presumed that it involves women (or possibly men), or maybe you think it would be football.

If you’re now nodding your head thinking you were correct, in my humble opinion you are simply wrong.

From the beginning of time men have instinctively only really had one true love, wood.

Wood you believe it?

Back in the day, Ug the cave man relied on wood for fires; which in turn would provide heat for a rather tasty T-Rex stew. After spending what seemed like an eternity in damp caves, Ug the cave man never looked back after discovering that wood proved to be the ideal material for providing the perfect habitual abode in which he could procreate in comfort.

Fast-forward a few thousand years

Wood continued to be the chosen material for the entire cast members of The Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. I’m sure John Boy Walton and his peers would have struggled at a barn-raising if breeze blocks were their only building material to hand.

Wood is and continues to be a firm favourite. It reminds many of childhood, from climbing trees, making dens, writing on paper, wood has been a constant in our lives.

I remember going on many a woodland walk as a child with my dad. Often after a rather painstaking tramp through the woods we’d sit down to rest. Upon finishing his corned beef and brown sauce butty (washed down with a bottle of warm dandelion and burdock), out would come his Swiss army knife. Off he would go to find a chunk of wood, then he’d sit and whittle away until it began getting dark or until I began complaining that we were missing Crackerjack. Despite many a wet whittling weekend with my dad, I’d do it all again. However, nowadays I’d replace the corned beef butty for a rocket, goats’ cheese and pesto ciabatta. Time spent in the woods with my dad were magical. The trees remind me a lot of my dad, like him, they have strong roots, and they shadow and continue to grow alongside us.

So, wooden gifts for Dad

I’ve been wracking my rather feeble brain on what to get formy Dad this year. The shops are strewn with over-priced sentimental blather. I always end up buying a tacky card along with a box of Liquorice Allsorts, however, this year I’m ditching the usual tat for something that I feel reflects my dad, I want something solid, something strong and something that doesn’t increase his sugar levels (he’s diabetic)… so for me I’ve decided a wooden gift wood be perfect…

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for dad from Etsy

1Is your dad a tool? Then he’ll love this…

What to get for Father's Day

You’ll hit the nail on the head with this personalised hammer. Depending on what kind of dad you have, he’ll either see this message and be reminded of it everyday, or… it’ll end up in the tool box never to be seen again! Either way it’s a nice way to say, you’ve done a great job dad.


2If you’ve got the kind of dad that likes to drink his self into a stupor…

What to get for Father's Day

Or maybe he’d rather be referred to as a connoisseur. Regardless he’ll love this personalised whisky barrel, perfect for a wee dram. This whisky barrel is fully functional and can be used to age or store any spirit.

A steal at just £44.21… hic! GO TO PRODUCT

3For the dad that’s always late…

What to get for Father's Day

A stunning personalised gift for your father. This engraved ebony bamboo watch is the perfect gift for men. Personalised with the message of your choice, this custom watch will be displayed with pride for years to come.

£48.23 or personalised £56.27 GO TO PRODUCT

4Does he think he’s a dishy dad?

What to get for Father's Day

Somewhere for him to store all his bits and bobs. Let’s face it all dads have odds and sods that they need to store somewhere, well this solid oak ‘DAD’ dish provides that place.


5Or does think of himself as the ‘big cheese’?

What to get for Father's Day

The perfect gift for ‘the big cheese’. This cheese board will complete the the perfect night in with cheese, wine and great company.



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