poetry I wish I could Eat a Cake

I Wish I could Eat a Cake

by Northern Life

Winifred Dalley, Colne

I wish I could eat a cake
Without an inch it would make
Or strawberry ice-cream
That when I stand on the scales

I don’t smother a scream
I would love a chicken leg
With its skin all crispy
But the consequences I just dread

I want to walk down a catwalk
Twine toe’d slim like those in Vogue
But alas I am not that tall
But I do look like that little man
Who sadly fell off the wall

I’ve tried to go on a diet
But by eleven I am starting to faint
So eating chocolate, crisps and a pie
Any one dare to say a word
would get one in the eye

So I’ll just pass the mirror
On my way to bed
And give just a wink
And think by gum lass yer well fed

Just think if I was thin
What a state I’d be in
Cos all them clothes in those wardrobes
Would to go in the charity bin
My face would be gaunt
My skin wouldn’t fit
Not only that no prizes I’d win

So I’ve gave it some thought
And I like being me
What’s that? Chocolate cake after tea?
That that sounds more like me