Winter Hairstyles 2022

by Northern Life


Even the 70s and 90s are still very much part of the fashion game. Depending on what you see on Instagram and other popular social sites, your mind will come up with intriguing ideas for hairstyles. Now that winter is here and it has started to snow, most women have come up with intriguing ways to cover, still flaunt their curls.

After all, hair is the most essential part of a woman’s personality and if properly done, it can easily improve the visual appeal of an individual. In this blog, we have discussed some of the best winter hairstyles for this year:

The Bobcat

With everyone caught up with extra inches around this year, it is no surprise that the dramatic cuts have always been popular throughout the past year. Luckily, this trend will go on and be picked up by millions of women this winter too. Look around and you’ll find celebrities embracing the bobcat to look their best.

The most intriguing part about a bobcat is, it allows one to wear a different personality and look elegant. Check out pics of Selene Gomez on the web and you will be amazed at how stunning she looks in this hairstyle.

Long Choppy Layers

For anyone who is struggling with the management of long hair, the long choppy hairs will add to the current look of the individual and give the perfect much-needed movement. Not to forget, this cutting technique is popular amongst all textures and will work with all hair types.

This look is chanted as the best one for winter since it doesn’t entail a lot of hard work. If you have sturdy and fine hair, I recommend that you ask for layers from a professional hairstylist.

The High Ponytail

There’s no running away from the fact that a typical high ponytail will never run out of fashion. no matter where you have to go, a high ponytail will never be an older trend. Even if you add a wrap around ponytail clip in hair extension, it will help you look chic and exquisite for a typical event and can give you a fuller length.


The Muller

Everything that was once chanted as old has started to percolate down into modern culture. They say, old is gold! This is fair enough when you come up with a muller. Sift through Rihanna’s Instagram posts and you’ll find her sporting muller with full confidence. What’s intriguing about the muller cut is, it can be tailored according to your hair length.

The 70s Bangs

Bangs are being acknowledged as the upcoming hottest trend for winter 2022. The soft sexy fridges have the strength to give a personality to your hair and make them look stunning. The reason why we recommend you to try them is because they will happily work with any hair type. They can quickly freshen up one’s look and make them stand out without much effort.