Doodling Away

Doodling Away | Poetry

by Northern Life

Winifred Smith, Colne

I wish that I could quietly sit
If only there was time
Collect my thoughts on paper
and put them down in rhyme
The papers there so bare
Startling blank and white
I begin to doodle
But nothing comes out right
Keep the metre howing
With great simplicity
It’s the common touch
That helps to oil the key
Play safe close to home
Snippets from my daily life
Experiences I’ve gained
By being mum and wife
Dare I write about my family
Friends neighbours and my home
Ideas don’t come freely
Have to read another’s poem
There was Albert and the lion
and the famous walking stick
Was it words worth and his daffs?
For all to see
But where do I begin
and then to sign ‘by me’
I’ll put it all away
My thoughts of joy and sorrow
Sleep on it tonight
begin again perhaps tomorrow.