WIN two tickets The Frontier Sapiens Film Festival

WIN two tickets to The Frontier Sapiens Film Festival at Kirkstall Abbey

The Frontier Sapiens Film Festival is bringing adventure, cultural and environmental short films to a range of stunning outdoor venues around the UK. Kirkstall Abbey, the ruined Cistercian monastery, right here in Yorkshire is on the tour route this September.

Still from Mission Mountain

After almost a year stuck in lockdown, the outdoor screenings are the perfect opportunity for audiences to get some adventure back in their lives and enjoy a family friendly event, all whilst remaining COVID-safe.

The festival also has very unusual beginnings. At the end of 2018, alongside a friend, Festival Director Lauren Woodwiss rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean over 50 days (and subsequently broke the World Record for being the fastest female pair to row across the Atlantic). It’s here, in the middle of the Atlantic, with time on their hands, that the concept behind the festival first emerged.

Still from Lock Down Rock Up

Lauren said, “50 days at sea gave us a lot of time to talk about our ideas and crazy dreams; and the film festival is the result of that! We were just two completely normal people who went off to do something slightly crazy; and that’s essentially what I wanted the festival to celebrate – ordinary people doing slightly crazy / extraordinary things!”

The Frontier Film Festival 2021 will include titles like Añay Kachi: Salt Workers of the Peruvian Andes, about the tradition of harvesting salt by hand. Mission Mountain, about Amy O’Hoyt a cattle rancher leading from the front and doing things differently. Running the Roof, a story of three friends trusting in nothing but their own two feet to carry them across one of the last wild landscapes on earth. These are just a few from the programme of seven films.

You could be the winner of two tickets to The Frontier Sapiens Film Festival at Kirkstall Abbey on Saturday 18th September. Enter below. For more information and to book tickets visit and follow @frontiersapiens



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