Sweet’s products stand out not only due to their sleek and stylish look but also thanks to their connection to parent company Brisant Secure. This link means that products like the Sweet curved door handle are at the cutting edge both aesthetically and practically. For example, the curved edges of the handle mean that would-be thieves are unable to properly latch on with a molegrip, adding an extra layer of defence.

As well as this, Sweet’s products also come in multiple various metal coatings. Again, these combine Sweet’s style and practicality as they are corrosion resistant (lasting 30x longer than the corrosion standard required in the industry) while simultaneously offering great kerb appeal in the six different styles on offer. The colourways available include rose gold, gold, chrome, white, matte graphite and gloss black. These various designs allow an often-forgotten front door to receive some much needed attention from the design-front, ramping up some serious kerb appeal while doing so. First impressions count, after all!

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