WIN £150 Morton’s Family Farm Christmas Hamper

Morton's Christmas Hamper

Morton’s Family Farm, a four generation, family run mixed farm based in North Norfolk, has been gearing up for Christmas since early June, when 1500-day old Norfolk Black and Bronze chicks arrived for the slow rearing process ahead of the festive season. They are giving away a medium sized Christmas hamper, filled with everything you need for dinner including their Great Taste award-winning Norfolk Bronze turkey, smoked salmon, pigs in blankets, free-range pork and chestnut stuffing, smoked chicken breast, smoked duck breast, traditional Christmas pudding and a few surprise extras worth more than £150!

WIN £150 Morton’s Family Farm Christmas Hamper

What Sets Morton’s Family Farm Apart from the Rest?

Morton’s ethos is to remain small and focus on free-range and pastured produce, looking after the welfare of their animals and nurturing them to their fullest potential. Supermarket turkeys are often grown for just 16 short weeks, but for Morton’s the festive process begins in February, when they order slow-growing strains of Norfolk Black and Bronze turkeys.

When the day-old chicks arrive to the farm in early June, Morton’s has 25 weeks to rear each bird slowly and as ethically as possible, ensuring they are happy and healthy during their lifetimes. This in turn, means you get the best quality, artisan produce direct from the farm.

When the chicks are old enough to move from the warmth of the indoors, they are free to roam the farm’s beautiful rolling pastures and forage amongst the trees.  They are fed a special diet and naked oats, which creates a lovely layer of fat that keeps the birds moist when cooking.

Once the birds are reared for a solid six months, they are dispatched quickly and humanely in small groups on the farm to ensure they do not get stressed. They are dry plucked and hung up for two weeks, allowing the flavour to develop.


Morton’s Norfolk Bronze free-range turkeys are a beautiful centrepiece for Christmas dinner, with generous quantities of sweet white and dark meat. The Norfolk Black turkeys are slow-maturing birds that have a slightly stronger and gamier flavour.

Morton’s puts care into rearing the perfect turkey and carefully packs each order to ensure it arrives in the perfect condition. All orders are sent in a special insulated box with natural wool that is biodegradable. Ice packs keep the turkey safely chilled.

At Morton’s, they don’t mass-produce their poultry or livestock and you won’t find their goods in any supermarkets. Everything they do is free-range, outdoor reared and fresh – nurtured with care in the way they know best, making Morton’s a cut above the rest.



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