CLOSED WIN £25 Worth of Hand Gel
Four Bundles to Win

WIN £25 worth of hand gel

There has never been a time when hand hygiene was so important and had to be our top priority especially when on the go! And the great news is, we have teamed up with GO2 to offer four lucky readers the chance win £25 worth of hand gel that kills 99.999% of bacteria! Infused with tea tree they have a refreshing smell to them too!



  1. Can never have too much nowadays. I always have one in my bag as well. This year has woken everyone up to the care and responsibilities we have

  2. To win GO2 Hand gel , would be my dream
    It would make my hands feel so refreshingly clean
    The tea-tree smell would be a great flavour
    Making GO2 hand gel the one to savour

  3. I’ve just read that immunity fails after a few weeks, and I’ve already had a very bad illness that was c19, I really don’t want to risk another, it’d help to keep my hands clean all the time!


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