CLOSED WIN Six Months’ Supply of GO2 Sticks

GO2 Sticks

All the benefits of essential oils in a handy stick from GO2 that you can carry around with you too.

They come in four variants

  1. B. Calm packed with a unique blend of Lavender, Cardamom to promote the feeling of calmness and warmth.
  2. Focus – a blend of Rosemary to support memory function.
  3. Energy –Eucalyptus which is uplifting and promotes clear breathing, peppermint which stimulates and aids focus.
  4. Sleep – Lavender to relax and soothe the body and mind.



  1. I’ve been ‘sleeping’, or rather, not sleeping on the sofa for about 3 months now as my dog initially fell on the stairs, and has fallen a few times since. These would be great to help with relocating my sleep pattern and also with my migraines as I suffer so much with them.

  2. I get headaches and migraines, suffer with anxiety and depression and, also have trouble sleeping. These could really help me.

  3. I would really like these. I was a complementary therapist for many years and I love to use essential oils. To have them in these handy blends and so accessible for different states or needs, I would really love to have these, so fingers crossed.

  4. These look great. I would carry B. Calm with me all the time to help when I get a bit anxious with all that’s going on. Sleep would be great for my husband. He’s been having trouble getting a good night sleep lately.

  5. Could do with some help in staying calm and holding myself as I’m suffering very serious clinical depression atm and waiting for help xx

  6. These sound amazing would love to try them out, particularly the B Calm stick, definitely what we need at the moment


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