CLOSED WIN a Celtic Marches Summer BBQ Cider Box

Celtic Marches

Celtic Marches have been making their range of international award winning ciders on their Herefordshire farm for over 100 years. As one of the UK’s largest self-sustaining single estate cider producers, the company is proud of its genuine heritage, provenance, and traceability. We’d be hard pushed to find a better combo than sunshine, cider, and a smokin’ BBQ. We can’t guarantee how long the BBQ weather will hold out this summer but we can guarantee a crackin’ mix of ciders in our Summer BBQ Cider Box. Good luck!



  1. Cider is my Summer drink of choice and this would be lovely to have at a bbq I’m doing for my mothers 80th birthday. Obviously a socially distanced bbq!

  2. After lockdown it would be great to get all the family together for a barbeque. I’m sure these would go down really well.

  3. I have been off the booze for 2 months after hitting it pretty hard at the start of lockdown so this would be a great way to get back on the sauce!

  4. I love cider so much especially when its sunny! Would love to win these to share with my friwnds when I can get the BBQ out and see them all!


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