CLOSED WIN a Petsafe® Drinkwell® Butterfly Pet Fountain


We’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a PetSafe® Drinkwell® Butterfly Pet Fountain. The attractive fountain has a 1.5 Litre capacity and continuously circulates and filters your cat’s water, encouraging them to drink more while carbon and foam filters keep the water clean and odour-free. The fountain has a whisker-friendly bowl design and an optional butterfly topper, a fun decorative element that produces four free-falling water streams; alternatively, it can be removed to provide a quiet, bubbling flow.



  1. Ooh these are so good!! I’d love one Roo… she’s a sucker for free flowing water would save me paw prints in my bath she loves to drink from the shower head!!

  2. This is a great prize and I’d love to win for my sister in law and her kitties to help settle in their new home

  3. My cat Pickles is struggling in this current heatwave, and I seem to be forever topping upper bowl, so this would be fab

  4. My cat Hannah thinks this is a dream
    She loves the four free-falling water stream
    With her long whiskers she might nor reach her goal
    But this won’t happen with the PetSafe bowl

  5. I have three cats and one dog. They need constant supply of fresh water. I am disabled and struggle with cleaning their bowls every day. I would be amazing to win for them. ❤️🌸🍀💜😍🦋🎉😀🤞💖🎉😀😍🦋🍀💜❤️🌸😍🦋😀🤞💖🎉😀🦋🌸❤️

  6. I have two black cats who will only drink from a jug in the bathroom, and from the sink so this would really benefit them, would love to give this gift to them. They are also elderly so jumping up and into the bathroom sink will soon becaome problematic for them due to aging.

  7. I’d love to win this for my 2 cats, Bella and libby. Great way of making sure they’re getting plenty of water and not drinking out of the toilet!!

  8. lots and lots and lots and my cat called Cat would love me to win as well

    NB COuld you stop that news letter pop up?

  9. we have 5 furballs and they love running water from the tap, so this would be fab for them and also free my sink up

  10. My cat will only either drink from the fish bowl or a dripping tap, this would be fantastic, thank you! x


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