CLOSED WIN a Grooming Bundle from The Bluebeards Revenge Worth £150!

The Bluebeards Revenge
The Bluebeards Revenge

Win a Mega Men’s Grooming Bundle worth more than £150 from The Bluebeards Revenge!

As you start to take your first true steps back out of lockdown, it’s important that you look and feel fantastic! Thankfully, leading men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has you covered from head-to-toe. Its prize bundle includes a traditional Shaving Cream and Cutlass Double Edge Safety Razor Kit, 30 super sharp Double-Edge Razor Blades, a vegan friendly Vanguard Synthetic Shaving Brush and Drip Stand Set), a beard and skin-conquering Designer Stubble Kit a stylish Tame and Texture Hair Kit a colourful Soap Stack Set, a mineral-rich Sea Salt Spray a wooden Quiff Roller and a splash-proof Travel Wash Bag



  1. Oh Argh Me Hearties … Of all the competitions in the July/August edition, this is the one I’d like to plunder from old Blackbeard

  2. I’d love this for my two sons who have been home from Uni during lockdown {lucky me. I mean it} They have been so good, never complaining about not being able to go out or see their friends. This bundle would cheer them up I’m sure.

  3. I just made the terrible mistake of shaving off the lockdown beard I have cultivated over the last 3 to 4 months so could really do with this kit to help me grow a new one and groom it properly this time so the wife doesn’t give me so much grief!

  4. My son is meticulous in his personal grooming and will only use a wet shave so this would be the perfect set.

  5. I love Bluebeards shaving products, and their fragrances too..
    Please can I top up what I already have..?
    I would be over the moon, and well groomed!


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