CLOSED WIN a Henry Bell Bird Feeding Station

Henry Bell Bird Feeding Station

Henry Bell Feeding Stations are a great gift for both new and experienced bird care enthusiasts. They are quick to assemble, with easy push button connections. The Henry Bell Essentials Four Arm Complete Feeding Station includes four feeder hooks and feeders, a seed tray and a water bath. Henry Bell is a leading quality animal feed producer. The Henry Bell Wild Bird Care range includes over 100 products catering for very type of garden bird.

Products are available nationwide in 150+ garden centres and online (such as Dobbies), pet shops and mainstream retailers.



  1. The birds that visit my garden would sure appreciate a nice new feeding station. Spent plenty of time sitting and watching them during the lock down.

  2. I would love to win this, as I have spent a lot of time getting my garden really nice and would love the birds to come and visit it!

  3. I would love to win this because I get quite a lot of birds in my garden. I would also get the grandchildren involved so that they could enjoy feeding and watching the many varieties of birds that visit.

  4. We regularly feed the birds and have even been visited by a woodpecker recently. I’d love to win the feeding station so we can encourage even more birds into our garden.

  5. We love feeding the birds, but we live in a very windy area, so the feeders often get damaged and we need new ones.

  6. We don’t get too many varieties of birds in our garden so this feeder would be a great way to encourage, not just starlings {I love starlings} but other birds. I could sit all day and watch them.

  7. With the nesting birds having young to feed, it’s so important that they have enough to feed their families. We love the birds visiting out garden, and want to encourage them as much as possible.

  8. I Just love watching all the beautiful birds coming into the garden.
    It would be wonderful to see them feeding.
    As sadly our bird table has rotted away.

  9. I’d really love to win this for my great-nephews, Alfie and Charlie. They are passionately interested in nature and all things wildlife. I think it would be educational as well as huge fun for them to be able to look at birds close-up every day.

  10. We work hard in our garden to encourage birds and all widlife
    We do feed the birds but would love this set up!

  11. Would love to win so that we can encourage birdlife and discourage squirrels and other rodents from stealing bird food

    • I’d love to win so much as my children would be over the moon, they love wildlife so this would be great for them to get involved in xx

  12. I have lots of birds visiting my garden and this would be a perfect feeder for me to fill up with treats for them


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