Willie's Courting

Willie’s Courting | Poetry

by Northern Life

By Christine Thistlethwaite, Clitheroe

Our Willie’s started courting! She seems a gradely lass,
Noan flayed o’wark an’ cheerful like, an’ careful wi’ ‘er brass!
Ah thowt ther wer’ summat goin’ on, but fust of owt I ‘erd
Wor when our Tom cracked up “Ey Mam our Willie’s geet a bird”!

By! ‘t’ change ‘at’s come ower Willie! – Ah con ‘ardly ken the lad, –
‘E’s bin an’ ‘ad his hair cut wi’ out a word frae dad.
‘E’s in yon bathroom ‘our bi’t length, – clean shirt on ivv’ry neet,
An’ t’ reek o’ yon theer haftershave near knocks me off me feet!

‘E’s gi’n up darts an’ football an’ snooker down at t’ club,
An t’barmaid thinks we’ve flitten cos e’s nivver seen in t’ pub,
Dad sez “Things mun be serious! She’s ‘ed ‘im ter Sunday tea –
Thee mark my words – yon lassie means ter wed ‘im ‘ow’ aw’ be”

Ah think a loto’ Willie – ‘e wor me fust born lad,
An’t muckiest little rive rags a mother ivver ‘ad!
Ah think’t t’ time ‘e fell in’t beck, an’ they browt ‘im ‘ome wet thru’
Poor bairn, ‘e caught noomonia, an’ wor seven week off schoo’

By – it nobbut seems like yesterday sin’ Dad an’ me wor wed –
We ‘adden’t mich ter start wi’ – just a table, cheers an’ bed,
But summat we worn’ short on – trust an’ love ter see us thru’ –
If it’s same fer Willie an’ ‘is lass, they’ll mek a gradely do.

One day Dad sez “Na Willie, – if tha’s thinkin’ of a wife –
Ah think it’s time we ‘ad a chat about the – er- facts o’ life”.
Dad geet all red an’ flustered as ‘e tow’d our Willie so –
But t’lad just laughed, an’ said “0 aye!
What would ter like ter now!”