ON THE eve of one of the biggest lottery draws in history (£1.7bn), a staggering 79 per cent of boastful Brits claim that they’d be a better billionaire than the likes of Lord Sugar, Sir Richard Branson and Mike Ashley.

Research conducted by myLotto24 reveals that when it comes to the super-rich’s super bank balance, two fifths of the public believe that their accumulated wealth is selfish. A further 36 per cent protest that they don’t give enough back to the community with another third stating that their use of money is immoral.

Today Brits have the chance to fulfil their dream of becoming the next UK billionaire, for less than a tenner. Lottery fever has gripped the US over the last week as the jackpots for Powerball and Mega Millions have reached a staggering £1.7 billion.

A true story of rags to riches, a big win on Powerball and Mega Millions would instantly propel the lucky person into the top 100 of the UK’s rich list and eclipse Britain’s largest jackpot winners, Colin and Chris Weir, by over a staggering £1.5bn.

Given the chance, almost four fifths of Brits firmly believe that they would be a better billionaire with over four in ten people claiming that they would be more generous with their cash and an additional quarter stating that they would certainly spend it more wisely, with 49% of those polled suggesting they would invest their wealth.

Despite this commitment to be a better billionaire and do more good, it wouldn’t stop wanna-be billionaire Brits from splashing the cash with 60 per cent generously dreaming of spending it on family and friends and just under half desperate to travel the world.


With nearly a third eyeing-up a splurge on luxury items, the results coincide with industry figures released today predicting a 40 per cent increase in the number of the very biggest 100m-plus yachts built in the next few years. *

Shenaly Amin, Country Manager, myLotto24 saidWe all dream of winning a million pounds but how often do we actually get the chance to become an instant billionaire? Our belief is that the US already has enough super-rich and it’s about time we made some more in Britain to which if the results of this survey are anything to go by then a lot of people would stand to benefit from a big win.’

With money often bringing out the worst in people, envious Brits are far from complimentary about the most prominent self-made billionaires in Britain with Sir Philip Green topping the chart as the least admired. This is followed by Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson and Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley in a close second and third respectively.

Given the chance, over half of Brits believe they could spend a billion pounds in under six years and whilst the jackpot excitement has been largely confined to the US, UK residents also have the chance to grab the big win through lotto betting which gives punters the chance to bet on international draws and have the jackpot matched.

The larger Mega Millions draw takes place on Wednesday at 4am (GMT). Bets can be placed up until 1am (GMT) through



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