Who is Rebecca Jane

Who is Rebecca Jane? Big Brother contestant who founded The Lady Detective Agency

by Northern Life

Age: 32
From: Clitheroe
Twitter: @LadyDetectives1
Instagram: @ladyrebeccajane

The new series of Big Brother kicked off on 5th June with a host of new contestants for us to get to know. But one contestant is of particular interest to us, our old friend and fellow Northerner, Rebecca Jane. Back in 2013 we met up with Rebecca Jane shortly after she released her book The Real Lady Detective Agency.

So who is Rebecca Jane?

Rebecca Jane is owner of a detective agency. No joke!

Mother-of-two and successful entrepenuer, Rebecca Jane set up The Lady Detective Agency to provide surveillance, child support and ‘Honeytrapping online’ services. She also honeytraps offline, catching cheating partners by using attractive people as bait. One of her employees Kieran Lee is also joining her in the house.

Where have I seen her before?

Well, as a detective you might expect her to keep a fairly low profile. Nope! Rebecca has made a number of TV appearances including Loose Women (campaigning to make catfishing a criminal offence), This Morning, The Alan Titchmarsh show amongst others.

Rebecca says she is entering the Big Brother house to “be locked away from the world and see how I cope without being constantly stimulated.” She goes on to add “my technology addiction is out of control. It will be like tech rehab”.

Fact file:

  • Rebecca investigates cheating partners by using attractive people as bait, known as honey-trapping
  • She is the author of The Real Lady Detective Agency, published in 2013
  • Rebecca employs fellow housemate Kieran as a honey-trapper at her detective agency
  • Rebecca believes she can win Big Brother and has a strategy to divide the House with Kieran
  • Rebecca made her first million at the age of 21