BOOK REVIEW: While We’re Apart

While We're Apart

by Ellie Dean

Returning to Beach View Boarding House for the eighth time, Ellie Dean keeps the momentum of previous books in the series and added fresh impetus with new tribulations.

During the Second World War, Mary Jones celebrates her 18th birthday, and says farewell to her childhood sweetheart as he leaves for the war, now in its third year.

But it is another major disaster which gives the novel its main theme. Her father, the local vicar, and mother are both killed when a bomb hits their house and the church. The trauma which sets in with that news is made more difficult when she discovers a diary and papers left by her father and rescued in the wreckage.

They indicate that she is not, in fact, their child but was taken in when she was a couple of weeks old.


The hunt for her real parents takes her to Cliffehaven and into the arms of Peggy Reilly whose interest and concern could help her in the search.

It is, however, a dark and awkward secret with Mary having to make many difficult decisions on the way.

Another tear-jerker in true Ellie Dean style. Roll on the next visit to Beach View.