Which bedroom tribe do you belong to?

by Northern Life

Bedrooms – havens for sleep, but also a place that may reveal a lot more about your personality than you think, according to new research which has identified five ‘bedroom tribes’.

The new survey by I Want Wallpaper uncovered a distinct correlation in the way we approach our bedroom design with our personality traits. Alex Whitecroft, design director from I Want Wallpaper explains: “When we analysed the research it was clear to see that the way a person described themselves aligned with their approach to interior design. From the findings we identified five bedroom tribes, these are:

The Blooming Bright Tribe

Describing themselves as confident, adventurous and loud, this tribe opt for bright blooms and bold colour schemes. They’re not afraid to play with clashing colour combinations and mixing in retro or vintage styles to make their bedroom the talking point of their home.

The Monocromatic Clan

Orderly and organised but never boring, the Monochromatic Clan are stylish and refined. In the bedroom, this clan keep things stylish with a highly refined colour palette that exudes sophistication and class. The latest tech and clever storage will often complete the sleek finish.

The Dream Catchers

Romantic, sensitive and deep thinkers, this group see their bedroom as the perfect way to express the romantic and softer side of their personality. For them, a bedroom should be an escape. Dream Catchers will opt for a limited colour palette with delicate patterns and either bohemian or traditional styling.

The Au Naturals

The Au Naturals are the tribe most likely to pay deeper attention to all areas of health and wellness. As such, in the bedroom and throughout the home, they opt for a neutral/fresh colour palette, natural fabrics, sustainably sourced accessories and inject the outdoors into their living environment with plants and greenery.

The Baroque Boudoirs

Perhaps the most flamboyant of the five tribes, Baroque Boudoir occupiers are creative, romantic, outspoken and passionate. In the bedroom, expect to see bold patterns and colour, ornate mirrors and picture frames, trinkets and vases. Often chaotic, always exciting, these bedrooms are an extension of their owner’s personality – maximalism personified.