When it's my Time

When It’s My Time | Poetry

by Northern Life

by Janet Guest via email

Just buy me a minimal coffin
Reinforced plywood would do
It’s only my ‘casing’ that’s in there
And I’d sooner the cash went to you

Just a few simple flowers you can proffer
Not floral wreaths costing a lot
Some supermarket bunches on offer
After all they only rot

I’d rather not be ‘the Departed’
But life’s a journey and it’s my stop
I shouldn’t outstay my welcome
And take up some newborn’s slot

My life has been blessed with a bounty
Of loved ones and friendships that last
I’ve been lucky in all ways that matter
You can’t hope to get more than that

I’m floating about in the ether
Or maybe I’m nowhere at all
But if you ever need comfort
If I’m able I’ll answer your call

I’m the robin that nests in your garden
The smile on a stranger just met
The memory that brings you laughter
That feeling of warmth that you get

I’d like to think there’s a ‘hereafter’
Somewhere warm, by the sea with a view
Where I’m sipping an eternal Mojito
And reserving a lounger for you.