Busy Brits reckon they need an additional four hours a day to get everything done, according to research.

Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults found around half are struggling to cram everything in amid a feeling there simply isn’t enough hours in the day.

Hectic workloads, looking after the kids and keeping on top of housework are the most common reasons for the belief we need a 28 hour day.

The study also found if the days were a little longer, the number one thing those polled would do is get some much needed sleep.

Getting stuck into a good book would be their second choice, followed by having some ‘me-time’ and going for a walk in third and fourth spot respectively.

The survey was commissioned to celebrate the second season of MARS which premieres on National Geographic this Sunday (11 November) at 8pm.


Watch MARS on National Geographic

The National Geographic series examines our future on the Red Planet, where the days are 37 minutes longer.

A spokesman for National Geographic said: “Most of us will have uttered the words ‘there’s not enough hours in the day’ at some point.

“And that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, but on Mars it’s a different story – a day is 37 minutes longer than on Earth.

“Readers might be wondering what good is that is to them, but as our new show MARS reveals, Earthlings could be living on the Red Planet in the not too distant future.”

Other things those polled would do if they had more time include learning an musical instrument, watching videos on YouTube and having a hot bath.

Listening to more music than they currently do, exercising more and cooking a meal from scratch feature to.

Further to this, half long for more ‘me-time’ than they get currently, while 56 per cent wish they were able to find more time to have more fun.

And around six in 10 revealed they can’t remember the last occasion they had 37 minutes spare to do something they really want to do.

Despite this 52 per cent admit they rarely ‘seize the day’, while half admit they tend to get easily distracted when trying to make the most of their time.

And perhaps this is because much of the population is exhausted from work – a fifth of those polled said they are hindered by an uneven work / life balance.

Carried out through, the research found 59 per cent work beyond their standard working hours – typically three hours extra on a weekday.

One in 10 even do extra work at the weekend – an average of four hours over Saturday and Sunday.

Four in 10 admit they regularly clock watch at work – counting down the minutes until they can get home.

*From Earthlings to Martians, season two of National Geographic’s acclaimed hybrid series shows what life could really be like once we settle on the Red Planet – where days are 37 minutes longer.

It features commentary from ‘big thinkers’ such as Elon Musk, Bill Nye, Ellen Stofan and Stephen Petranek.

Top 40 things Brits would do if the days were longer

  1. Get some sleep
  2. Read a book
  3. Have some me-time
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Listen to music
  6. Have sex
  7. Take a hot bath
  8. Exercise more
  9. Make more time for friends and family
  10. Tidy the house
  11. Spend time with pets
  12. Cook from scratch
  13. Spend more time with your children
  14. Go shopping
  15. Play a computer game
  16. Socialise more
  17. Book a holiday
  18. Read or watch the news
  19. Take your dog for a walk
  20. Meditate
  21. Catch up with emails / messages
  22. Go to the gym
  23. Watch soaps
  24. Have a massage
  25. Do DIY
  26. Watch videos on YouTube
  27. Knit or sew
  28. Learn a new language
  29. Phone a friend
  30. Paint or draw
  31. Go running
  32. Learn an instrument
  33. Go for a drive
  34. Binge more boxsets
  35. Write a novel
  36. Spend time planning out your week
  37. Work
  38. Visit a museum or art gallery
  39. Ride a bike
  40. Play your favourite sport