What to Give as a Present to Your Coffee Lover Friend

Coffee Lover

Coffee means a lot to people who admire drinking and brewing it. So, the choice of potentially great presents for coffee lovers is variable and almost unlimited.

What to Give as a Present to Your Coffee Lover Friend?

How do you start your day? Millions of people all over the world begin a new chapter of their life with a cup of coffee. The best espresso brands, top-rated coffee beans from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil, and other countries, allowed humans to build an entire industry around their taste, aroma, and ability to stimulate people’s minds and bodies.  

True and dedicated coffee lovers always prefer natural, high-quality coffee and not its “instant” varieties. More advanced brewers use spices like ginger, nuts, cinnamon, and other substances to create their own unique drinks and tastes.

So, coming up with a cool holiday present for a friend is not a problem if you know that they are coffee lovers. Check these ten gift opportunities below. There you can find variants suitable for any budget. No worries, a present worth a couple of dollars can be as useful for a coffee lover as an expensive one.

Single-Origin Coffee Beans

The first idea on the list is a simple, stylish, and cheap solution. No coffee lover would refuse to get quality beans gathered and packed in one plantation. Single-origin beans gained their popularity very quickly, especially those from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Farmers pay a lot of attention to the quality of their products.

Of course, it is way better to choose your present in a special branch shop for enthusiasts. Nowadays, it’s easy to order a delivery online, so you aren’t limited in the varieties. Pick either something popular and budget-friendly or less common and expensive. It’s all up to you.


Coffee Spoon Set

Have you ever used stylish and individually crafted musical instruments or other accessories? If you did, you know how pleasant it is to have ones at your disposal. The same thing is true for coffee lovers.

With the original coffee spoon set, the process of brewing and drinking coffee turns into a piece of art. Experts suggest paying special attention to a long and narrow cezve spoon. Unlike usual spoons, that one is a lot more comfortable to use with cezves.

Elite Coffee Beans

Again, it’s your call what to pick as a present. You can go in for common elite coffee types. On the other hand, something less popular is always more unique. Check these best brazilian coffee brands, for instance. There are some elite ones among them as well.

Coffee Mug

It can be a special mug of a non-standard shape and thick walls. On the other hand, there are decorative cups with topical pictures or mugs changing their color after you add hot drinks inside them. Your friend’s mornings will become more pleasant with such a mug or cup. A thermal mug or travel brew pot can be a good alternative if a friend of yours drives a car, for example.  


A cezve is a necessary attribute every coffee lover should have at home. So, if your friend is a huge coffee enthusiast, they most probably own a cezve already. Still, there is no reason to worry: cezves can be different.

There exist stainless steel cezves, ceramic ones, and those made of clay or copper. The optimal cezve thickness is 1.5 millimeters. Again, most probably, a person will be happy to have two or even three cezves at their disposal, so you can buy more than one quality item to present them.   

Crystal Cezve

That’s something a coffee lover would be amazed to see! A crystal cezve has increased durability so that it won’t get broken due to high temperatures. The point is an enthusiast will be happy to see the entire brewing process through the transparent walls of such cezve. I’m a huge coffee lover myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

Coffee Maker

 Here comes a bit more expensive equipment. A high-quality coffee maker does not need to cost a lot, but it is still less friendly for your budget compared to all previously mentioned options. However, your friend will be pleased to feel like a professional barista brewing different coffee variations with much less effort invested. In case your finance pool is limited at the moment, you might want to find the best cheap reliable coffee maker online.

Barista Courses and Master Classes

Coffee lovers are different. Some prefer only drinking quality coffee, while others do everything possible to master brewing great coffee. Consider paying for a barista master class lesson as a present if your friend belongs to the latter category of enthusiasts.

A Set of Coffee Stencils

Have you ever dreamed of drawing something with cocoa powder on top of your cappuccino? Your coffee-loving friend surely did! And you can make their dream come true easily – just gift them a set of special coffee drawing stencils. Those are like ready-made templates to print a small image on top of a drink. That’s amazing.  


What? No, I’m not talking about fictional literature. You know, there is a lot of knowledge and experience behind coffee. History, recipes, farming, growing and brewing nuances, etc. And all of them can be found in the shapes of regular books. Just find what suits your friend the most.

To Conclude

As you might understand already, you don’t need to spend much money to make your coffee lover friend feel pleased and amazed with your present. Consider the ten ideas above, and, of course, don’t forget about your imagination. It will surely give you a hint for the best gift anyone could imagine.