Erica and Bob get hitched

What a difference a year makes – Erica and Bob get hitched

by Karen Shaw

Not all the best decisions are made under the influence of alcohol, but the decision made by Bob and Erica Nash (nee Platt) after a couple of glasses of wine to set the date of their wedding for Christmas day was certainly a decision that they won’t wake up regretting.

Many of you will recall when we featured the couples’ engagement on Christmas day last year with Bob dropping to one knee on Flascoe Bridge, Austwick, North Yorkshire. Exactly 365 days later there they were again. Joined by friends, Graham and Julie Broadhead, and dogs Gracie, Mabel, Gertie, and Lottie all donned in their ‘Sunday best’ attracting around 50 ramblers and passers-by as a congregation.

The ceremony was conducted by celebrant Margaret Foxley and exquistively captured by photographer, Karen Clark of 5 Little Boys Photography. For once Erica, herself a talented photographer, was the one in focus for the day.

Christmas seemed to have lost its sparkle in recent years since the passing of Erica’s mum Barbara. Barbara loved a celebration and, on the day, Erica took comfort from a rather inquisitive Robin who followed her onto the bridge and stayed for the whole ceremony. “I was in floods of tears the whole way through. The day couldn’t have gone any better. We wrote down what we wanted to say to each other which was very emotional. In fact, Robert just said his from the heart,” smiled Erica.

Sounds like they both received the best Christmas present ever.

Erica and Bob get hitched

Erica to Bob

“For the rest of our lives I will continue to love you as you love me. I will support you always, through good times or turbulent times as you have done me. I will love, cherish, and care for your parents, as I cherished, cared, love and loved mine. I will continue to keep safe and love your boy Sam as I would my own. I knew from the start that we were cut from similar cloth. You have the ability to transport me into a world of side-splitting laughter and together we have enjoyed many an adventure and I thank you for that. You’re a gentle man, kind and strong and surprise me with your thoughtfulness every day. My wish for us is that we continue on the same path because I can’t imagine being any happier than I am right now. I only wish I could have met you sooner so I could have loved you longer. PS Mum would have loved you to pieces.”

Bob to Erica

“Just over 12 months ago, I decided to go and speak to your father. I asked Tony if it was alright to ask for you hand in marriage. Thankfully for me he said yes. His actual words were, ‘well If I say no, I’ll be lynched!’ Obviously then I had someone else I needed to ask which I finally managed to do yesterday. Whilst you weren’t looking, I had a little word with Barbara and promised her that I would look after you, keep you safe and well loved. Ever since we got together our time together has been fabulous, our road trips, our times away, our little adventures, the times we’ve spent walking with the dogs, the times we’ve spent laughing under the clear skies on the beach at Bamburgh. Just absolutely wonderful. In my mind this day is absolutely everything I’ve ever looked forward to. I really want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart. I love spending time with you each day, I miss you when we’re apart and I will stand by your side shoulder to shoulder forever more against anything and everything that comes our way.”