Wedding Day

by Northern Life

Peter Jones, Oswaldtwistle

Outside the church, the street is bare.
No creature stirs, there’s no-one there.
But, very soon, it comes alive,
The wedding guests start to arrive.
First of all, the Groom appears
With the Best Man, his friend for years.
The photographer is next to come,
With shoulder bag and chewing gum.
The relatives and friends are next.
Inside, the priest, prepares the text.
With buttonholes in fullest bloom
Come the parents of the Groom.
Then, the mother of the Bride
Smiles sweetly as she goes inside.
Bridesmaids arrive full of laughs
As they pose for photographs.
Onlookers now amass outside.
As they await the blushing bride.
Bride and father now appear.
The little crowd, give them a cheer.
Walking proudly, dressed in style.
Father and bride go down the aisle.
Looking radiant, in full bloom,
She stands beside the trembling groom.
Rings are exchanged and words are said.
The loving couple, now are wed.
Outside the church, they now appear,
The photographer, standing near.
Their loving smiles and happy faces.
The camera for all time encases.
And, as one mind, the happy throng,
Hope their love will last as long.