Watch wear you go! WATCHU

The WATCHU is designed to promote safety, build trust between children and parents and allow them to have fun


Being connected is key to being safe and having fun. We’ve all either been lost or lost someone and there are few things that feel worse. You may be in a familiar supermarket or on holiday in completely alien surroundings, either way, you want to be able to reach your children and for them to reach you. Having a mobile phone can be quite risky for a child, access to the internet, having it stolen or misplaced. It can be a minefield and parents want their children to be, well, children for as long as possible.


At WATCHU we saw this problem in our daily lives and decided to do something about it. Our goal was to create a way for children to have freedom, build confidence, promote safety and most importantly, stay connected. After listening to what parents and children wanted from a communications device, we created our WATCHU GPS Smart Watch and App. It embodied all these features and extra ones to boot.

Communication is the main element, the WATCHU comes preloaded with a pay as you go Chameleon SIM which connects to the strongest available network. The watch can make and receive calls to 16 numbers which are programmed into the App. Kids can still get in touch with friends and family but no unknown numbers can get through. Children can often get themselves into an emergency situation, for this scenario we made our SOS button. All the child has to do is hold it down and the WATCHU will begin to call the pre-set contact in its phone book on a continuous loop until it has been successfully answered. An additional feature is our remote listening system, the App user can listen in to the WATCHU’s surroundings without the wearer being notified. Monitoring your children’s safety has never been so simple.WATCHU phone calls

Children will always want to adventure and, as parents, we want to let them. At the same time, you can never be too cautious. WATCHU has GPS, LBS and WiFi location and up-to-the-minute updates so you can track the location quickly and accurately. The WATCHU’s GPS map supports three different modes: 3D, 2D & Satellite imagery. Use your App to keep track of their movements and with Geo-Zones make sure they reach their desired location. Set a Geo-Zone for school or a friend’s house and receive an alert when they reach it and when they leave.

Watches can be partnered together, allowing friends and siblings to communicate with each other through their watches. WATCHU users can be grouped together in the App, so entire families and friendship groups are safely monitored. Complimented by two unique designs, one for adults and one for kids, every component on board has been miniaturized to ensure an optimally comfortable fit and feel that they’ll simply love to wear.


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WATCHU Walkthrough Video – The GPS Smartwatch for Kids



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