Watch Your Step

by Northern Life

Gillie Threadgold, Skipton

A moment of inattention,
and now I’m paying the price.
The result is a few weeks of ‘agony’
which frankly is not very nice.

Not looking where I was going,
I fell down a short flight of stairs.
Landing amongst all the flower pots,
and lying there saying my prayers.

My foot was twisted quite badly,
along with my hand and elsewhere.
An X-ray showed it was fractured
and a small piece of bone was not there.

I’m now confined to barracks,
with my foot and a finger strapped up.
I can’t get out in my garden,
and I can’t even hold a tea cup!

In future I’ll watch where I’m treading,
and walk down the steps with more care.
As eight more weeks in this ‘limbo’
is more than I think I can bear.