Want to feel like a million dollars?

Step inside the Sydney Opera house, and you’re bound to feel like royalty. The architectural masterpiece took 14 years, and over 100 million dollars to complete. Every year, over 10 million lucky individuals get to walk the extravagant halls of the Sydney Opera House.

Traveling is one of the best ways to discover another side of yourself. Immersed in new surroundings, you and your family can have the chance to be whoever you want! However, to plan the best family vacation ideas, you first have to know the right spots to see.

Read on to find out the must-see spots when you’re visiting Australia.

Family Vacation Ideas in Sydney

You can kick off your list of family vacation ideas by adding one of the largest cities to it, Sydney! After hanging out in the town, you can enjoy a fun beach scene, including activities such as surf clubs.

Next, enjoy a stroll to a fun community called Bronte. At Bronte, you can visit an aquarium, zoo, or different natural attractions! We also suggest scheduling a scenic drive through the bush.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Pack the family in the car, and start the drive over to Sydney harbor bridge. The iconic bridge has a rich history and offers a wonderful view of the city. If you’re feeling brave, look into the different bridge climbs that are available.


Family-Friendly Resorts

When it comes to looking for a place to stay, we should just look for a hotel that is convenient for all of the activities you want to do. Instead of looking for the fanciest lodging, focus on cleanliness and convenience. We also suggest exploring all of the park features when you’re getting ready to choose a location.

Animal Encounters

Moving on, let’s talk about different animal encounters you can enjoy while you’re in Australia. If your little ones are excited to see koalas and kangaroos up close, then you’ll want to find out what zoo events are taking place while you’re in town. Some zoos will feature nighttime programs.

Next, we suggest scheduling some time to check out the penguin parade at Phillip Island Nature Parks over in Victoria. Phillip Island has miniature penguin residents, appropriately called little penguins.

At night time the little penguins like to waddle up the beach, and it’s an adorable sight to see. You can watch the penguin parade from an underground viewing building to get a special eye-level view.

Festivals During Australian Family Vacations

Last but not least, if you’re going to Australia in the fall we suggest checking out the annual kid’s fest that takes place in the Murray River region. The festival is fun, educational, and has something for everyone. If you can’t make it out for the kid’s fest, then summertime is usually a wonderful time to check out different Lego expositions.

Have a Blast

Whether you’re looking to chill with a kangaroo or spend the day surfing with the dolphins, Australia has something for everyone. You and your kids are bound to create lifetime memories on your trip to the down under. Choose a date today to embark on your family’s trip.

Once you know the best time of year to schedule your trip, you can find out what festivals and events will be taking place! The more detailed your family vacation ideas are, the easier it’ll be to customize your adventure. For more tips like these, read another one of our articles.