readers poetry

Wainwright – The shaper of lives

by Dean Fraser

A homage to the great man; his gorgeous guides got me interested in
walking in his footsteps many years ago.

I first came across them when a teen
Exquisite drawings for to set the scene
Fell walking made large through illustration
Bringing to life every beauteous location

Lakelands crying out to be walked like never before
Each book read leaving me feeling I need to see more
Descriptions of crag, scree, and the valleys green
Following in his footstep to view each scene

To the Lakes more tourists his guides did bring
Taking his routes most taken, yet here’s the thing
Would he have enjoyed all this company upon fell?
Inevitable demand I guess, and his books do still sell

Alfred the most unlikely of television personalities
Strolling with his pipe, viewing stunning localities
His legacy celebrated by media’s next generation
Julia following in his footsteps as her vocation

On lonely fell or Lakeland view the walk goes on
Down through countless generations and the walk goes on
Right across this Cumbrian land, forever the walk goes on.