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Big Ideas for Small Spaces | Urban Gardening

by Northern Life

All hail the return of gardening to the ‘cool’ list. The nation is once again embracing gardening. However, many of us think we lack the space to fulfil our green-fingered dreams. If you’re keen to jump on the horticultural band wagon but lack square metres, The Greenhouse People have provided us with an essential guide to becoming a successful urban gardener…

The Illusionist

Create the illusion of space by employing clever tactics. Forming different zones in an urban garden will make the space feel bigger than it is – think a small growing patch, a sitting area and a pebbled miniature zen garden. Weather-resistant mirrors can also accentuate a sense of space and reflect sunlight into shadier areas.

Edible delights

It’s a common misconception that you need acres of land to grow your own food. Portable containers, crates or pots are a great way to grow on any hard surface. The clear winners in an urban garden are lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, beans and Asian greens like Pak Choi.

Handy hideaways

Storing your gardening tools can be complicated in a small space. To keep your urban garden tidy try installing a wood-cladded or rattan storage box which can be used as a bench in the
summer months with the addition of a few throw pillows.

Attract wildlife

Simple additions such bird baths, brightly-coloured flowers, log piles and bee bricks will encourage flying friends to visit you and allow your mind to escape to the country.

Indoor gardening

An urban garden doesn’t have to be outside.

Succulents are a great option for beginners because they require little TLC – try Echeveria with its rainbowcoloured leaves or Crassula with its braid-like geometric patterns.

If you fancy a challenge, try Calatheas also known as the Zebra plant, which needs regular watering, misting and feeding.