Video games are an entry point into a world full of imagination and possibility. People who spend their days playing games on smartphones, computers, and consoles have the chance to explore the true vision of the games’ creators.

Even though newer games have better graphics, frame rates, and realism, some of the oldest games ever are still considered best in class; those games have storylines, combat mechanisms, and nostalgia that make them irreplaceable in the eyes of gamers.

Below is an ultimate list of the best ever video games:

1. Minecraft

When a person watches a video about Minecraft for the first time or sees someone else playing, they may wonder why such a game is so popular. Even though Minecraft came out in 2011, its graphics resemble games that were popular one or two decades before.

Despite its simplistic, block-style graphics and colours, Minecraft has become a phenomenon among gamers. The concept of Minecraft is that every player has a chance to build their own world within the game, whether they wish to create a massive city or set up a family farm.

Minecraft leaves the ultimate choice to gamers; they can play the above-mentioned world building game, or they can play a survival mode. The latter involves a game mode where players have to fight against zombies and giant spiders while mining for the goods and resources that will allow them to build structures to survive in the digital world.


The best aspect of playing Minecraft is that you do not have to be fully engaged all the time. Gamers who want something relaxing and comforting while at the same time challenging will enjoy this game immensely. Minecraft is still very popular, despite being out for a decade.

2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There was a great deal of scepticism surrounding the Nintendo Switch gaming console in 2016. People were appreciative of what Nintendo was aiming to do with this product, but they were unsure that Switch could compete with PC games, mobile games, and Xbox or PlayStation console games.

When Switch was released with a handful of games, people were even more confused as to how such a console would appeal to the masses. Then reviews began coming out regarding Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Critics were labelling it among the best games they had ever played, and early Switch adopters had a similar opinion.

Breath of the Wild has everything that you would want in a modern video game. There is an open world that you can explore, the main character is exciting and likeable, and the objectives and quests will test you to the very limit.

Not only did Breath of the Wild help launch Nintendo Switch as one of the most popular and best-selling consoles of the past five years, but it opened a path for new games to emerge in the space.

Photo by Ravi Palwe on Unsplash

3. Grand Theft Auto V

By the time Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V, the series was already a well-established name among gamers around the world. With the fifth edition of the franchise, however, Rockstar achieved superstardom.

No entertainment product has sold more than Grand Theft Auto V in history, making it one of the most popular and well-received games of all time. The game became such a phenomenon that it was used as part of protests in Hong Kong.

Players can experience a fictional version of California through the eyes of three interesting and unique protagonists, a retired gangster, an inner-city youth, and a violent psychopath who lives in a trailer park.

4. Halo

When the original Halo launched on the Xbox console, a watershed moment for gaming occurred. Not only did Halo bring about the rise of the multiplayer game, but it introduced first person shooters to gaming consoles.

Before Halo, the very idea of a first person shooter game being played with a controller was laughable. Even though the controls are not as precise as using a keyboard and mouse, Halo made it work through their outstanding aiming mechanics and fun gameplay.

Whether you play through the story mode, play specific maps with friends, or engage in other modes within the game, there is so much fun to be had with Halo. The later iterations of the franchise are also very enjoyable, but there is something special about the original Halo that few games since have been able to match.

5. Rocket League

If someone who has never played a video game asks for an explanation about Rocket League, a gamer may have a hard time responding. “Football with cars” is the best description that a person can give for Rocket League, but it does not do the game justice.

While gamers may have problems with sports games such as NBA 2K, Madden and FIFA, as they can often appear scripted and unrewarding, Rocket League does away with all those criticisms through its physics engine.

Every movement within Rocket League is controlled by the user, which is why learning the game and improving is so rewarding. Despite being released in 2015 and undergoing minimal changes in the subsequent years, Rocket League is more popular than ever, with a thriving online community on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam platforms.

Rocket League is the ideal video game for someone who enjoys the concept of sports games but may find typical sports titles lacking in precision. The idea of using flying cars to kick a massive football may sound hilarious, but the game itself is a thrilling experience.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Enjoy the Greatest Games Ever Made

If you are an avid gamer, you have probably heard about all of the games on this list. There is a chance you may not have played one or two, especially if they rose to prominence before you were enthusiastic about video games.

Everyone who enjoys video games should try each of the five games above at least once. These are games that defined or redefined the gaming space, paving the way for other creators to produce even more unique and interesting titles.