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1. Where is Anne Brontë's grave?
2. Whose debut novel is Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile about playwright Andrea Dunbar?
3. How much does it cost to ‘adopt a beehive’ for a year?
4. In which city is the converted former warehouse Orleans House?
5. Who is the author of Bertie the Blitz Dog?
6. Who runs Flirt Productions and Entertainments?
7. What was TV chef Simon Rimmer’s first restaurant named?
8. In which resort was Keighley’s ‘Cinderella Club’ camp?
9. Demdyke and Chattox were part of the group known as what?
10. ‘5 Ingredients’ is the title of a book by which celebrity chef?
11. Which profession did Fred Everett, of Haworth, follow for nearly 20 years before retiring?
12. The Rev Dr Gibbins was found dead in which railway tunnel?
13. Fred Butterworth was sent to Menston Asylum for which dangerous behaviour?
14. In which Yorkshire town is The Square Chapel arts centre?
15. In which Lancashire city is Avenham Park?
16. What’s the name of Lytham’s ‘punk pub’ in the 1980s?
17. True or false: Dicentra is a perennial plant.
18. How much is the 2018 Northern Life Calendar?
19. Which actress grew up near the Buttershaw Estate?
20. What is the name of Ian McMillan’s Great Aunty?