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1. Name the Godfather of Italian gastronomy
2. At which show did Northern Life’s Janet Stott order her greenhouse?
3. In which large Indian state, visited by Emily Stott, is Udaipur?
4. Which type of crunchy beetroot is used in our Mediterranean salad jar recipe?
5. Who talks about the “Glory of Old Pendle”?
6. What’s the name of Pat Maud’s globetrotting toy owl?
7. Which artist was dubbed ‘The Powder Paint Kid’ at school?
8. Which former Manchester lecturer became Israel’s first president?
9. Where did Paul Shilton achieve his steam dream?
10. What is Eric Broadbelt well known for?
11. What make and model was the suspicious car in our reader’s story A Ripping Yorkshire Yarn?
12. Who was serving as Mayor of Keighley when the First World War broke out?
13. Which Bradford photographer’s seaside studies are featured in this issue of Northern Life?
14. Mabel Grey was admitted to which asylum in 1909?
15. Which photographer’s pictures of L.S.Lowry are going on show at The Lowry, Salford?
16. Which notorious Yorkshire robber and murderer was known as ‘The Black Panther’?
17. Which descendant of Bram Stoker wrote a sequel Dracula The Un-Dead?
18. What is the name of the beauty treatment championed by Karen Betts?
19. How much is a year’s subscription to Northern Life?
20. Which TV presenter recentley designed a show garden at Tong Garden Centre?