Owning a car requires a lot of diligence and hard work. There’s a lot of paperwork and admin to take care of for drivers throughout the UK.

If you live in a busy city such as Manchester, there are additional factors to consider when driving and owning a car. For example, initiatives such as the upcoming Clean Air Zone charge mean you have to plan your journeys better.

Additionally, limited parking in the city means that you need to learn where you can store your vehicle and how much it will cost.

All of this factors into your budget and can affect your driving experience. If you live in Manchester and want some handy tips on how to manage driving and owning a vehicle in this dynamic and busy city.

Consider Leasing Instead Of Buying A Vehicle

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities and admin. From the start, you have to choose the car and then sell it on when you want to upgrade and get a newer model. With car leasing, you can effectively rent a car for the long term. Then, once your lease is up, you can either choose to keep your current vehicle or swap it for a more recent model. Manchester-based Vantage Leasing offers a range of state-of-the-art cars to lease and flexible contract options so that you can find the perfect one to suit your lifestyle.

Learn The Most Efficient Routes

When you first start driving in Manchester, it’s easy to think that the fastest route on your map is the quickest way to reach your destination. As any experienced Mancunian driver knows, that’s not always the case. Factors such as traffic and particular events can affect the amount of time it takes to get from A to B. For example, during Manchester Pride, many streets are shut, so you’ll need to find out about the parade route and the best way to get around it. By being prepared and learning about congested spots in the city, you can save yourself valuable time when you’re navigating the city.


Get a City Centre Parking Pass

Parking can be a chore in Manchester, particularly during busy events and on weekends. It can also be incredibly expensive, so you should look for ways to save money and increase your chances of getting a space. One way to do this is to consider a parking pass from the council, which allows you to put your car in any car park managed by the council. You can also get a residents parking permit for council managed local car parks in residential areas so that you can keep your car near at hand at all times.

Improve Your Local Knowledge

Manchester has many bustling roads, as well as several motorways connecting the city to other regions. As such, you might find that it’s easy to get lost, even if you’ve lived in Manchester all of your life. While you might think that if you get lost, it’ll be easy to sort it out, that’s not always the case. You’re not allowed to use your phone when driving, and it’s hard to read a paper map, which means that you might find that you struggle to find the right route. While the city does have some signposts, these can be tough to understand, especially when you’re driving. So, you should try to learn more about the local area, even the parts that you don’t visit often.