5 top tips for choosing a wedding venue

Choosing a wedding venue

What kind of day are you planning?

Your venue will set the ambiance of your wedding day. Decide what kind of day you want, whether it be a country, city or church wedding before you even think about venues! For example, if you’re planning a glitzy and glamourous wedding, look at city venues, or stately homes to reflect that image.

Estimate how many people you’d like to invite to your big day

Not all venues can accommodate large wedding parties! So first and foremost, make a list and tally up the number of friends and family you want to invite to your big day. Although, just as equally, if you’re having a small and intimate wedding, check minimum guest count too! If your guest count ends up being smaller than you thought, all the more dancing space and food for you.

Consider where your guests are coming from

If your guests are coming from far and wide, do the nice thing and make the location central and easily accessible. As beautiful as the wedding photos may be in the mountains or the deepest, darkest countryside, you may be having the group photos as just the two of you if no one can make it.

Only visit two venues per day, max!

Don’t visit any more than two wedding venues in one day; you’ll end up confused and bored. This won’t lead to any productive wedding planning and that’ll be a day wasted and still no venue!

Not as much of a tip but an idea: Have your venue tell your story as a couple

Think about venues that are sentimental to you. Where did you meet? Where did you get engaged? Where is the place that reflects you most as a couple? For example, if he proposed on holiday, why not get married there? If your home is filled with memories of the two of you maybe consider a marquee in the garden or a local field? At the end of the day, your venue can be whatever you want, as long as it feels right for you both.